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Project Management

Track Projects Effectively


Manage and track projects throughout their lifecycle with 1CRM. Define project templates for common types of Projects, with lists of project tasks and assigned resources. The Projects list view includes columns for the total value of a project, as well as the expected revenue from the project.


Expense Reports may be filed by employees at any time (including on-the-go!). They are used to record personal expenses incurred on the business’ behalf, and to enable employees to claim those expenses back from the business. Expenses may also be charged to Projects, or to pre-Sales Account work.


1CRM makes it easy track time, invoice, and get paid. Booked hours can easily be attributed to time spent on projects, customer cases, or simply record day-to-day business activities. Timesheets may then be filed on a weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly basis. If approved, you can then create an invoice to receive payment!

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