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Your business probably doesn’t operate on a nine-to-five schedule. If a client needs help on a weekend, chances are you’ll be there to track down an answer, even if you’re busy with family activities. But you can’t do much on a Saturday afternoon if your customer relationship management tool isn’t functioning. An important part of having a tool that can serve as the backbone of operations is making sure that tool is available whenever and wherever you need it.

1CRM’s online CRM does more than just provide cloud accessibility. You’ll get an always-on solution, whether it’s one a.m. on Christmas Day or two p.m. on a standard workday. But constant connectivity goes beyond working after hours. It also means that your team can access their information from anywhere. If you’re thinking about investing in CRM software, there are several good reasons to choose 1CRM.

Connect from Anywhere

Many CRMs offer access from your mobile devices, but 1CRM takes it a step further. In addition to a mobile app, you’ll also get CRMFlex, which lets you merge your CRM contacts and calendar info into the apps on your mobile devices. This means your team can get to that critical data even when they are out of reach of both wifi and cellular coverage. The result is a team that is always connected and available to help your customers.

This unlimited connectivity can also come in handy if your premises are ever temporarily uninhabitable. If your office is relocating or a natural disaster strikes, your team can log in from wherever they are and work uninterrupted. This is what makes 1CRM a great online CRM for small business since these organizations often lack the resources to immediately start up operations in a separate location temporarily.

Automated Notifications and Reminders

You can’t monitor your business 24 hours a day, even if you have employees who can help. Online connectivity means your CRM will be monitoring your business for you long after you’ve gone home. With 1CRM, when someone visits your website, a form can invite them to input contact information, which will then be delivered to your CRM for later follow-up. If someone forgets to check in with that customer during a predetermined timeframe, the system can send reminders to prompt a team member to make contact.

Although contact information is a primary part of any online CRM definition, 1CRM is an example of how newer platforms are extending that capability. One of those capabilities is sales management. You’ll have all the information you need on your team’s activities within the CRM, where you can set things up to automatically reassign leads if no follow-up has happened within a certain timeframe. This will help ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Personalizing Access

People rely on their devices for everything from the latest news to stock updates. 1CRM puts all of this in one place, where your team members don’t have to search for it. Each end user will get a dashboard, which provides everything they need for the day in one place, including email access, news and weather, stock market updates, and important data on their current projects. This incentivizes them to rely heavily on the platform, which makes them more likely to be available if an update comes in while they’re looking at the weekend’s weather forecast.

In addition to being able to access all of these things, 1CRM’s dashboards are customizable. Each team member can customize the screen, including changing colors and fonts, as well as choosing which fields to include and the workflows you each prefer. If you have reports and invoices, you can also customize the look of those for your entire business.

Insights Through Reporting

One important thing to look for in any Cloud CRM is the reporting it provides. You should be able to pull a wide variety of information related to your business’s activities, then use this data to better your business. 1CRM lets you even schedule these reports to run on a periodic basis so that you’ll always be able to compare similar time periods and criteria and simply receive regular reports via emails from the CRM.

In addition to past activities, your reporting should also help you learn more about where your business is likely to go. 1CRM offers Sales Forecasting to show the expected close date of sales activities based on the work your team has been doing. This will help you make adjustments as necessary to change those anticipated dates.

Web Based CRM Software can help you take your business to the next level. You’ll have 24/7 access, with your team being able to connect from anywhere. This will help you provide business continuity no matter where your team is located.

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