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The complete CRM solution for businesses big and small! Including all the tools you need to run your business effectively.

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The Most Customizable CRM

Easily customize 1CRM to work the way you work. Create your own dashboards, fields and modules to maximize efficiency on your desktop and mobile. Make yourself at home by choosing your favourite theme and color scheme!

All of your data - in one place

Finally! No more searching through different apps and devices for the information you need – especially when a customer might be waiting. 1CRM securely stores all of your business data in one app.

One CRM for all devices

1CRM can be easily accessed from your laptop, tablet or mobile phone. This enables you to collaborate effortlessly across teams and manage your business on-the-go!

1CRM Works with the Products you Love

Work Smarter - Not Harder

Simplify and automate your daily tasks

Lead Capture

Leads from your website and affiliates will appear in 1CRM with all relevant details.

Automated Follow-ups

Automatically send personalized emails to those leads using dynamic target lists.
generated reports

Generated Reports

Run reports on a schedule and send a copy to your colleagues. Track your top opportunities, sales forecasts & more!

Smart Replies

Provide familiar and relevant email support by easily viewing all past interactions and purchases with a customer.
question and answer

Knowledge Base

Create articles automatically from service cases and index them with Tags.

Easy Reminders

Never be late again! Receive on-screen, mobile, or email reminders for any call or meeting.

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Trusted by thousands of companies worldwide

It’s no coincidence that some of the world’s best brands have chosen 1CRM to manage and grow their businesses. It’s cost-effective, customizable, and includes everything a small or large business needs to run smoothly. 


“We know exactly where all our orders are at any time. In the CRM we particularly like being able to tie emails to a variety of options such as a contact, a project that we are working on or a marketing effort.”


Bruce Anderson

MADD Virgin Drinks

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