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Personalized CRM

Make your 1CRM platform feel like home by choosing from multiple languages, themes and colour schemes.Read More »

Check your Email

See new emails when they arrive, right on the dashboard module. Emails to clients will all appear in their profile history.Read More »

What's the Weather Like?

Plan your day effectively. Check out the weather dashlet for today’s weather in your chosen cities! You can check stocks, blogs, and news too!Read More »

Group Calendar

Click and drag to create or re-schedule a call or meeting. Grid views show who is free for a group meeting. The time slot is unavailable if they are already booked up!Read More »


Create forums in your 1CRM to provide employees with a secure avenue for collaboration and updates on upcoming projects and tasks in their division, and the company as a whole.Read More »

Business On-the-Go

1CRM is mobile! Manage your business using our iPhone or Android App. With CRMFlex, 1CRM is also accessible from any browser, large or small. Book meetings, connect with clients, process orders, and track projects, even while you’re waiting for coffee!Read More »

Automate your Marketing

Automated Lead Capture

Generate lead forms for your website and affiliates using 1CRM, and those leads will automatically be captured into your system.Read More »

Automated Follow-ups

Convert those leads into customers with drip-feed campaigns and dynamic target lists for a personalized customer experience.Read More »

Partner Network

Add your business partners to 1CRM. Choose their type of partnership, any accounts they’re related to, commission rates & more! With their partner code, they can automatically receive a sales commission.Read More »

Lead Guerrilla

Supercharge your marketing with Lead Guerrilla – 1CRM’s very own marketing automation platform. Drag n’ drop newsletter creation, and advanced workflows to personalize your follow-up emails.Read More »

Sales Forecasting

1CRM tracks all Sales opportunities and adds them into your Sales pipeline.Read More »

Scheduled Reports

Automatically send out a new sales & opportunities report every Monday morning to all the right people. Everyone will be on the same page for the sales meeting!Read More »

Customer History

Obtain an instant snapshot of any customer, including their contact info, lifecycle, past interactions & purchases.Read More »

Social CRM

Link to your customer’s social profiles to stay connected and get the latest news on their organization!Read More »


1CRM can show you which leads have not been progressed in a timely manner, and can automatically reassign them or move them back into a lead pool. Produce automated weekly activity reports for sales staff, to provide an overview of each week’s activity automatically!Read More »

Custom Dashboards

Get the information you need, right when you need it with custom dashboards. Featuring 1-4 columns, and a drag n’ drop interface, you can prioritize the data you value the most.Read More »

Watch the Orders Roll In!

Shipping & Receiving

1CRM has the ability to track inventory movements and levels at multiple warehouse locations. You can even print off packing slips!Read More »

Bills & Payments

1CRM ensures that your finances stay in order by managing and tracking bills through their life-cycle. Overdue bills are highlighted for quick attention, and you can simply click to record outgoing payments.Read More »

Discounts & Credit Notes

Create discounts for quotes or invoices of fixed amounts or percentages to hold special promotions, or treat your VIP & high volume customers!Read More »

Product Catalog

Create your own product catalog to easily reference for quotes & invoices. The 1CRM Product Catalog supports both products and product assemblies or kits.Read More »

Quotes & Invoices

Create custom quotes & invoices on-the-spot. The system supports multiple layouts, multiple tax rates, group and line item discounts, price tuning using margin or markup, plus a quote approval workflow if required.Read More »

Sales & Purchase Orders

Sales Orders may be created as an intermediate step between Quotes & Invoices. Packing Slips and Order Confirmations may be produced & emailed as PDFs. Purchase Orders may be created from Sales Orders and automatically emailed to suppliers.Read More »

Personalized Service = Brand Loyalty

Case Management

Cases are issues or problems associated with an account. They may be managed and tracked through their life-cycle using the Cases module.Read More »

Bug Tracking

Tech firms may manage and track Bugs through their life-cycle using 1CRM. Bugs may be created automatically from service cases or from emails, providing a quick and convenient workflow.Read More »

Service Contracts

1CRM stores all service contracts, with their service contract numbers, and the associated Account. Each service contract can have any number of associated sub-contracts, and each of those may have any number of supported products (assets) associated with them for support coverage.Read More »

Knowledge Base

Experiencing déjà vu with clients? Create articles automatically from service cases, and index them with Tags. Optionally show them to clients to research at their leisure.Read More »

Service Charts

Quickly see which cases and bugs are highest on your priority lists with visual charts. Each one fixed represents happier customers!Read More »

Custom Charts & Reporting

Track top opportunities & recent quotes by featuring a custom chart on any dashboard!Read More »

Create and Track Projects

Project Tracking

Manage and track projects throughout their lifecycle with 1CRM. Define project templates for common types of Projects, with lists of project tasks and assigned resources.Read More »

Expense Reports

Expense Reports may be filed by employees at any time (including on-the-go!). Expenses may also be charged to Projects, or to pre-Sales Account work.Read More »

Booked Hours & Timesheets

1CRM makes it easy track time, invoice, and get paid. Booked hours can easily be attributed to time spent on projects, customer cases, or simply record day-to-day business activities.Read More »

Human Resources

Easily keep track of all your employees with 1CRM. Add their photo, salary, SIN #, department, contact info, any leave taken, dependants and expense reports. You can even add documents specific to them, like their resume.Read More »

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