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Make your customer relationships a two-way street!


Optimize your Business with Self-Serve!

Businesses everywhere are adopting self-serve options because they allow customers to be served quickly, while reducing service costs. The 1CRM Customer Connection WordPress Portal brings self-serve to the digital world. Reducing errors and unnecessary back-and-forth emails that clutter your life and take up everyone’s time.

Adding this plugin to your WordPress website puts customers in the driver’s seat, enabling them to complete many common tasks themselves, and find answers to their most frequently asked questions. They can manage subscriptions, approve invoices, track projects, and more – right from your website! Don’t make your customers wait, get the portal today!

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What Will It Do For Your Clients?

Your customers will really notice and appreciate this significant improvement in your service capability. No more waiting on callbacks, return emails, or even for office hours to start. They can simply login at any time to check on a support case, approve a quote, exchange documents, view and pay past invoices, update their subscriptions, and more!

How it Works For Your Clients

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1. Find Answers

Clients (or potential clients) can find answers to their questions in the Knowledge Base on your website. Type in any search term and get the answer complete with any documents linked to it.

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2. Login for Access

Clients can create their own login for your website and be recognized as a client – providing them with access to any cases, projects, invoices, quotes, subscriptions or other content associated with them.

approve quotes

3. Exchange Documents

Once logged in clients can easily download quote/invoice PDFs and documents from projects or service cases. Upload approved quotes or add new project or service documents!

generated reports

4. Check Progress

Clients can check the latest progress details for any projects or service cases, add notes or documents to them, and find the contact info for everyone linked to any ongoing tasks.

Features Customers Will Love

Learn about all the ways the 1CRM Customer Connection WordPress Portal can help you serve your customers better!

View & Pay Bills

Provide your clients with all the financial details they need. The portal lets them see the status and amount of all their past and current bills – and pay them!

Approve Quotes

Don’t let quotes get lost in email! Clients can approve quotes right within the portal, and get down to starting the project!

Knowledge Base

Your clients can access your most frequently asked questions, and the detailed responses. Saving your time, and theirs!

Support Tickets

Enable your clients to create support tickets for problems they may be experiencing, track your progress on the issue, and view your solution. No need for emails or phone calls!


Do your customers have subscriptions with you? Give them the power to manage them by themselves! They can update or cancel their subscriptions within the portal.

Project Management

Clients can access a list of all their projects with you, including their details, related contacts, tasks completed and ongoing, and share files related to the project.

What Will It Do For You?

The portal will make your life easier, because your clients are happier than ever, while you are actually doing less work! Nothing frustrates a client more than waiting for you. You might have customers in different time zones, or a client that needs some key information in the middle of the night. The portal lets them do it themselves, providing instant satisfaction! To top it off, your clients are typing in the information that you’d otherwise be paying staff to enter.

How it Works For You

install plugin

1. Install Plugin

Install the 1CRM Customer Connection WordPress plugin (which links to your 1CRM system) onto your WordPress-based website. Configure the settings according to the needs of your business.

2. Add Shortcodes

Add the shortcodes for the portal features to new or existing pages. Wherever the content appears, it will perfectly match the cosmetic look of your website!

question and answer

3. Grow Knowledge Base

Head into your 1CRM and add any questions, answers and documents to the Knowledge Base module that you’d like to appear in the portal.

4. Start Connecting!

Now back to business as usual – only better! Each client’s data in the CRM is now shared with them in real-time through the Portal, and any updates they enter are saved directly into your CRM.

Features You (Business Owner) Will Love

Learn about all the ways the 1CRM Customer Connection WordPress Portal can help your business run more smoothly while increasing customer loyalty!

Lower Support Costs

Instead of manually calling & emailing customers with basic information, enable them to find it themselves! Most prefer it that way, and it saves you countless hours of support costs. From knowledge base articles, to support cases, past invoices, quotes, etc .. your clients have lots of resources available 24/7.

Boost Customer Retention

New customers are expensive to acquire, and long-time customers can be your biggest cheerleaders. The portal meets the needs of your customers, making your service even more sticky, so that they will be singing your praises, instead of finding someone new.

Centralized Customer Data

The portal is linked to 1CRM in real-time, so all the info your employees or your customers see is right there, and up to date. This keeps errors to a minimum as data only needs to be entered once, and your existing 1CRM platform supports all the data requirements and data backup needs of your portal.

2-in-1 WordPress Website

Enable your existing WordPress company website to double as a self-service customer portal. Instead of clients being re-directed to another URL to receive support, they will stay on your website. This makes it easy for them to do business with you, exposes them to all your content & products/services, and helps grow your website traffic.

How Professional!

Customers love it when it’s easy to find the answers and resources they need and don’t encounter roadblocks along the way. It exudes an air of professionalism generally associated with larger companies. Provide excellent customer service 24/7 with minimal effort using the 1CRM Customer Connection portal!


This plugin uses shortcodes to add amazing new features to your website and that means you can place them anywhere! Create a specific Help section, or dot features like cases and subscription management throughout different pages on your website – whatever makes sense for your business!


Pricing for the 1CRM Customer Connection portal is based on how many users you have in your CRM. (And not of how many portal users you plan to have, or the number of WordPress users or administrators you might have.) Pricing (USD) is as follows:

1CRM User Licenses

1-10Registered Users
  • 11-20
  • 21-49
  • 50-99
  • 100+

Per Month

  • $99
  • $199
  • $349
  • $499

Per Year

  • $999
  • $1995
  • $3495
  • $4995

To purchase the 1CRM Customer Connection, you simply select it as option on your 1CRM subscription, either at time of initial purchase or by adding it on at a later date.



You can implement this on your WordPress website by yourself using the User Guide, or you can have us do it for you. Either way it allows your clients to connect with you in the ways you see illustrated here.

Next Steps:

If you’re excited to get these kinds of capabilities working for your organization, read more here, or just drop us a line and we’ll demonstrate what it can do for you!

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