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1CRM for Small Business

Customer relationship management software serves as the central hub for many businesses. This goes for large corporations, as well as small startups and nonprofit organizations. With the right CRM solution, you’ll have the tools you need to build and grow relationships with customers. Customer relationship management software refers to a tool that helps businesses collect and manage information on customers and prospects. Today’s CRM solutions also empower organizations with the tools necessary to put that data to use.

But smaller businesses (1-200 employees by the Gartner Group definition) have unique needs when it comes to winning and nurturing customers. It’s important to find a CRM that meets those needs. Here are a few things to look for in the CRM solution you choose.


An effective CRM for small business is one that will grow with your company. This is especially true if you’re just starting out. Today your focus will likely be to identify great leads and nurture them, eventually converting them to customers. However, one, two, and even ten years from now, those needs will evolve. You’ll probably find you need a tool that will help you find new customers while also maintaining your relationships with the loyal customers you already have.

With that in mind, your CRM software shopping should focus heavily on a solution that will handle both growing and maintaining a base of customers. A solution like 1CRM that can be customized to the unique needs of your own business will likely be the best option. You can enable additional features as you need them, rather than having them all on board from the first day.


In addition to growing with you, you’ll also need to ensure your solution of choice works with other software. Even if you don’t currently have an app infrastructure, someday you’ll be adding solutions. The best CRM solutions for small businesses integrate with all of the popular tools on the market today, including payment providers like Stripe and communication tools like Skype.

There are some very basic tools that you should ensure work with your CRM from Day One. If you use Word and Gmail, your life will be easier if you find a tool that integrates with those applications. You’ll also find that integrations with social media platforms and sites like LinkedIn will be essential to tracking down leads and more effectively communicating with associates.

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Lead Nurturing

For small businesses, growth is all about tracking down new customers. Chances are, people won’t know about your business unless you find a way to reach out to them. For that reason, it’s important to find the best sales CRM for small business needs. A good CRM for small business has features geared toward sales teams, building in tools like sales forecasting, reports, and follow-up reminders.

In addition to the tools featured in the solution you choose, you should also consider the way your team will actually work. Small business owners usually spend a great deal of time on the go, working from home, airports, and client lobbies. Mobile friendliness is a must so that you can access your customer information from anywhere. This will also ensure that when you’re notified to follow up on a prospect, you can quickly look up the information, launch an email or phone call, and log the interaction.

The best CRM tools for small business owners are geared specifically to their needs, while also building in tools that will work as they grow. A tool that will fit your environment today and well into the future will be invaluable. With the right CRM solution, you’ll have the support you need to identify prospects and turn them into long-term loyal customers.

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