Powering Customizable CRM Systems

A Customizable CRM Core, Capable of Supporting Many Personalities

The 1CRM Engine is a flexible CRM core from which many different vertical market CRM solutions may be configured. All the basic functions of managing multiple modules such as Accounts, Contacts, etc .. as well as inter-relating them, displaying them, sorting, searching and reporting on them – all this is designed into the 1CRM Engine. Its principal characteristics are:

  • High performance – a super fast database engine with sophisticated caching
  • Flexible – with Studio customization, as well as XML-based module definition
  • Easily customizable – With a universal loader which loads new language packs, new public Holiday packs, additional custom modules, display Theme packs, Studio customizations and complete Personality Packs™ that create a customized CRM system for specific industries.
  • Task-oriented menu organization – system features are grouped into functional areas, such as Sales, Service, Marketing, etc..
  •  REST and SOAP external web services access, to interface to other business systems
  •  Flexible data import and export capabilities
  •  Capable PDF generation features, for reports, or for prints of List or Detail view screens
  •  Comprehensive control of data access for each system user via Roles and Teams
  •  Powerful data filtering system – used to filter data for list views, reports, email campaigns, etc

1CRM System 7 is a CRM system built using the 1CRM Engine’s Personality Pack™ capability. This particular personality is one that adds a great deal of Financial and Operational management capabilities to those of a conventional CRM.

Expect to see other personalities soon, providing industry-specific CRM solutions for areas such as Real-Estate Sales and Management, Mortgage Brokers, Insurance, and many more. With the 1CRM Engine, you can use just one CRM to address all your vertical CRM opportunities.

Note: 1CRM and Personality Pack are Trademarks of 1CRM Corp.