Software Roadmap

Since 1CRM Systems Corp. released Version 2.0 in January 2005, our CRM plus business management solution has come a long way. Currently on Version 8.6, progress on this system shows no signs of slowing down – adding more and more features each year to give you the most complete and customizable CRM. Here is an outline of 1CRM’s journey throughout the years, and a small preview of things to come!

Latest Feature Additions

  • Integromat integration, supporting hundreds of 3rd party integrations including Xero and QuickBooks Online.

  • Support for the new WordPress Portal: 1CRM Customer Connection.

  • Milestone Billing feature allows you to easily collect initial deposits and intermediate milestone payments while delivering on an order – then generate the final milestone invoice with a single click.

  • A new WooCommerce integration (Enterprise Edition only) syncs client and invoice data from WooCommerce online sales into the CRM. And syncs catalog data and order status 2-way between the CRM and the WooCommerce store.

  • A new Revenue Forecast feature allows the projected income from an opportunity to be modelled as an income stream rather than a single event, with revenue events optionally related to specific products. The value of the Opportunity may be calculated from those products, and they are added automatically when converting the Opportunity to a Quote.

  • A new Commissions  module is added, allowing 1CRM to calculate and report on sales commissions based on percentages of gross profit or total sales. Aggregate commissions on a sale may be split across multiple sales staff.

  • Microsoft Teams integration added, to schedule web video meetings with a single click.

  • Zoom integration added, to schedule web video meetings with a single click.

  • PayPal payment button may now be added to Invoice PDFs you send to clients, allowing them to pay using a credit card. (Enterprise Edition only, as it requires the PDF Form Designer)

  • Two factor authentication has been added for the 1CRM user login, supporting popular 2FA phone apps such as Microsoft Authenticator and Google Authenticator.

  • Zapier integration is expanded to include financial objects such as Quotes, Invoices and Sales Orders. This enables integration with QuickBooks Online, Xero, FreshBooks New/Classic, OpenERP and Saasu.

1CRM 9: The Next Generation (Spring ’22)

  • All new user interface and user experience, based on 1CRM’s open-sourced oceanfront github project. Oceanfront builds on the Vue 3 project (vue-next) and TypeScript to produce a predominantly JavaScript-driven next generation UI which will support highly variable themes to appeal across a wide range of country, culture and age demographics. Oceanfront will become a key MIT-licensed open source project on which 1CRM depends, just as it depends on several other open source libraries.

  • In Spring 2021 we will have a demo site for oceanfront available, as well as links to the oceanfront project, and design information for both oceanfront and 1CRM 9. Those interested will be able to track the live progress of oceanfront as the demo site automatically updates with each new commit to the project. Similarly there will be a live-updated demo site for 1CRM 9 development, but this will be reserved for 1CRM partners until closer to the release date for 1CRM 9.

1CRM 8.6: The Portal Release (Jan ’20)

  • Includes support for the new WordPress Portal: 1CRM Customer Connection.

  • A new Subscriptions module is added, allowing 1CRM to manage your client subscriptions for monthly or annual services. (Customer subscription self-management is available in the Portal.) This includes an integration with the Chargebee billing system.

  • A new WooCommerce integration (Enterprise Edition only) syncs client and invoice data from WooCommerce online sales into the CRM. And syncs catalog data and order status 2-way between the CRM and the WooCommerce store.

  • Integration with the WordPress plugin Booking Calendar, to support booking personal services (such as Spa, Physio, or Massage appointments), Airbnb type reservations, and technician home visits such as plumbers and appliance repairs. Contact, Account, appointment and billing information is synced into 1CRM by the Customer Connection portal.

  • Milestone Billing feature allows you to easily collect initial deposits and intermediate milestone payments while delivering on an order – then generate the final milestone invoice with a single click.

  • A new Revenue Forecast feature allows the projected income from an opportunity to be modelled as an income stream rather than a single event, with revenue events optionally related to specific products. The value of the Opportunity may be calculated from those products, and they are added automatically when converting the Opportunity to a Quote.

  • A new User Tracking solution has been added, with reports showing the time users spend in the system, and the number of records viewed or edited.

  • A new Commissions  module is added, allowing 1CRM to calculate and report on sales commissions based on percentages of gross profit or total sales. Aggregate commissions on a sale may be split across multiple sales staff.

  • Microsoft Teams integration added, to schedule web video meetings with a single click.

  • Zoom integration added, to schedule web video meetings with a single click.

  • Integromat integration has been added, to enable data synchronization with a wide range of other cloud applications.

  • Integration with the Zapier service has been added, to enable sync with over 2,000 online systems – including Zapier sync with accounting systems such as QuickBooks Online and Xero.

  • A PayPal payment button may now be added to Invoice PDFs you send to clients, allowing them to pay using a credit card. (Enterprise Edition only, as it requires the PDF Form Designer)

  • Two factor authentication has been added for the 1CRM user login, supporting popular 2FA phone apps such as Microsoft Authenticator and Google Authenticator.

  • The Knowledge Base module is substantially updated, adding knowledge base categories, and obsoleting the use of Tags. (Customers can search the Knowledge Base in the Portal using full text searches, and browsing by Categories.)

  • A new Storage Utilization screen is added, showing available or allocated storage, free space, and usage categories. Notifications may be sent for low free space, and regular storage utilization reports can be generated automatically.

  • Major open source libraries are updated, including TC/PDF and SabreDAV.

  • For Developers: The 1CRM REST API capabilities have been extended, and the Developer Guide content expanded to cover Webhooks.

  • Google Maps integration significantly upgraded, including the ability to display multiple selected Accounts, Leads or Contacts on a common map, with identifying pop-up data displayed for each.

  • Full text search added for Notes.

1CRM Customer Connection 1.0 (Jan ’20)

1CRM Customer Connection is a WordPress plugin that creates a customer self-service portal within your WordPress website, linked to your 1CRM system. It enables your clients to interact with your business at any time of day, all by themselves. (See more information here.)

It will allow your clients to connect with you in these ways:

  • Login

  • Get Help, by Searching a Knowledge Base

  • Review and Create Service Cases

  • Review and Approve Quotes, PDF Download

  • Review Invoice and Payment History, PDF Download

  • Interact on Projects – Upload & Download Documents, Check Progress

  • Review and Update Their Own Contact Info

  • File Sharing

  • Manage Subscriptions

  • GDPR Requests – View and Erase Personal Data

1CRM 8.5 - The User Interface Release: Current Release (Spring '18)

  • The Long Reach theme is retired, and the fabulous Flex theme is added to 1CRM as standard, with its strong flat design and a wide range of colour and background image options.

  • The Claro theme now offers several selectable colour options, so now all four themes offer a choice of colours: Spectrum, Delight, Flex and Claro.

  • All themes receive a make-over with new fonts, new icons, new field widgets, new touches everywhere. The list view filters and mass update panel have been updated, as well as the pagination controls.

  • All the administration screens have been redesigned with a much more modern look.

  • CRMFlex: Most importantly, all screens are now responsive – meaning they dynamically react to the width of the browser window in use. On a desktop or laptop computer you can see this dynamic re-formatting for yourself. Just bring up any 1CRM screen (detail view, list view or dashboard) and then drag the right edge of the browser window so it becomes wider or narrower – and watch what happens! This CRMFlex adaptive user interface ensures an excellent browser experience regardless of the size of the device you use to access 1CRM: Phone, Tablet or Laptop/Desktop.

  • Data Privacy module added, tracking data privacy events such as Right to Erase Information, Consent to Process, and Withdrawal of Consent. New Access Control features added as well as several other changes to assist our clients in compliance to European GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations), and similar data privacy requirements worldwide. See 1CRM & GDPR  for more details.

  • System performance greatly accelerated by asynchronous resource loading techniques which minimize full page loads.

  • Drag ‘n Drop support for adding files to 1CRM as Notes with attachments, and as Documents, in essentially all modules. Drag ‘n Drop support for adding files to emails as well!

  • Manage creation, re-ordering and deletion of tabs on module detail views. Layout editor support to move standard and custom fields to any tab desired.

  • New Activity – Chat! An integration with LiveChat will be the first option for Chats to be logged in your 1CRM. You can also use them in Lead Guerrilla as another monitoring channel, adding Lead Scoring or Segmentation based on Chat activity.

  • Track email opening for individually sent emails (Campaign emails are already tracked).

  • PieSync Integration – Seamless 2-way contact sync between 1CRM and many of your favorite cloud apps. Popular syncs include Mailchimp, FreshBooks, Shopify, Pardot, Marketo and many more!

  • Editor for system notification messages.

Previous Release - 1CRM 8.0: Jan ’17

  • 1CRM Mobile iOS App: Release 1.3 – Filter and Sort controls for all list views; Notifications for Calls, Meetings and Tasks; Support for displaying and filtering by Favourites. See Apple App Store for history of releases 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2 earlier this year.

  • Support for PHP 7.x, and its significant performance gains (typically 25-33%).

  • Major re-imagining of 1CRM Workflow system, adding power and flexibility system-wide. For release 8.0, Workflow automation has been significantly enhanced to be both easier to configure, as well as more powerful in operation. Workflow conditions may be cascaded, or combined with All OfNone OfAny Of or Not All Of logic. The conditional filter editor now uses the same familiar style as filters in Reports and Smart List Tabs.
    There are now ten different types of action that may be performed if the Workflow Conditions are met: Schedule a CallSend an EmailSchedule a MeetingCreate an OpportunityCreate a ProjectCreate a TaskUpdate Current RecordUpdate Related RecordCall Remote API, and Show Alert.

  • Major upgrade to 1CRM Notifications system. Every system notification and invitation email template is now more attractive, informative and based on a responsive design, with many containing new links and controls for the recipients.

  • Integration with Lead Guerrilla Marketing Automation System. Enterprise Marketing Automation at a Small Business price.

  • Advanced all-new self-documenting REST API (existing APIs will also remain in place) designed in conjunction with 3rd party app developers and our own Mobile client development, to promote easier development of 1CRM integrations, and faster performance. See more details in the Developer Guide.

  • The Studio now allows four new types of Custom Field to be created:
    – Related Record. Related Record fields link to records in other modules.
    – Value from Related Record. Custom fields which can show fields from any record related to the current record.
    – Item Number. Shown in a Courier-like font suitable for part numbers.
    – Status. For fields to be displayed as a status badge, not as text.

  • PDF Form Designer can now reference fields in related modules, greatly increasing the scope of customizations available for 1CRM-generated PDFs.

  • Mailboxes configured with the ability to auto-create Service Cases may now also auto-create Contacts. These new Contacts will be linked automatically to the received Email record as well as to the Service Case.

  • Support for OAuth authentication, private clients, and registry of 3rd-party public clients.

  • Enhanced security for CRMSync with DAV-specific password.

  • Dynamic password strength indicator now displayed when setting passwords.

  • Multiple login errors now lockout user accounts for progressively longer periods.

  • Each user now has a mandatory password change at their initial login.

  • Updated Installer process and screens.

  • New login screen design, with Forgot your Password? feature.

  • Configuration compiler added to reduce memory usage and screen latency times.

Previous Release - 1CRM 7.8: November ’15

  • User preferences for reordering of Smart List Tabs, selecting a default list view for each module, and hiding Smart List Tabs.

  • Drag and drop plus user preferences for reordering of detail view subpanels, as well as the ability to hide subpanels.

  • Customer Satisfaction Rating & Surveys when customer service case is closed.

  • Configurable auto-closing of pending customer service cases.

  • Quick Setup option for user email setup, supporting Outlook, Gmail, Google Apps, Yahoo, iCloud and AOL email accounts.

  • Integration with the Stripe payment processing system. 1CRM accounts may now have a credit card registered to them, generating a Stripe ID for that Account.

  • Integration with the RingCentral cloud-based business phone service.

  • Recurring Services module can now automatically process payments via Stripe for each invoice generated.

  • Automated Call timer for professionals with billable Calls.

  • Ability to book and bill hours spent on Calls, Meetings, Tasks.

  • Studio: Fields can be shown/hidden dependent on the value of a controlling Dropdown field, using the Custom Fields Editor, or the Module Designer for standard fields. Dropdown options offered to users can also be limited.

  • Smart Convert feature copies data for matching custom fields when records are converted, such as a Quote to an Invoice, or a Lead to a Contact.

  • Learn more about 1CRM 7.8 on our What’s New page.

1CRM 7.7: February ’15

  • CRMSync™ – syncs Contacts and Calendar info bi-directionally with iOS (iPad, iPhone), OS X, Android and Outlook. This feature provides handy access on your phone or tablet to view, edit and add contacts and appointments while online or offline.

  • New Claro theme – a modern, open and simple theme for 1CRM. Small and simple header at the top of the screen, plus simplified screen layouts with more white space.

  • Updated screen layouts – Record views now include a clean and visual summary panel at the top, with company logos, client pictures, quick icons to create related new emails, tasks, calls and meetings, plus record owner and team info.

  • Unified detail/edit views – Data is now always in the same spot on both detail and edit views. When customizing screen layouts, only customize the unified view, not Edit and then Detail view separately.

Self-Service Portal & eStore 4.0: Nov ’13

  • Compatible with Joomla 2.5

1CRM Release 7.5: Dec ’13

  • GoToMeeting Integration (a popular web video conferencing service)

  • PDF Form Designer: Let’s you create custom layouts for the PDFs 1CRM generates for Invoices, Quotes, Sales & Purchase Orders, Statements, Expense Reports, Timesheets and Service Work Orders. (Note: Enterprise Edition only)

  • Advanced Reporting: Includes support for multiple series of data. Added Show Report SQL button to Report detail view, and Create button to Reports list view. (Note: Enterprise Edition only)

  • Price Books: Define multiple price books, and assign a default price book to each client. Now you can cater to a mix of retail and distribution clients, or smaller vs. larger clients, with a convenient price book for each pricing channel or level. (Note: Enterprise Edition only)

  • Module Designer was formerly an optional feature for 1CRM Professional – now it is a standard feature of 1CRM Enterprise Edition

  • iOS Client: An iPhone App you can use to access your 1CRM system (Note: Enterprise Edition only)

  • Activities may now be related directly to Accounts, as well as having a variable relationship to other modules.

  • Data validation added for email addresses.

  • Product catalog import enhanced to add Update catalog mode.

  • Added ability to report on stock in multiple warehouses individually, in addition to overall total (achieved by supporting reporting values and totals on columns from SQL join tables).

  • Added the ability to import emails from an external email system’s Sent email folder then add those emails to the 1CRM user’s Sent email folder, enabling 1CRM to track emails sent from other email clients.

  • Added a configuration control on the Calendar dashlet to select the default display mode – Day, Week, Month or Year.

  • Studio enhanced to be able to define sub-panel sort order when configuring sub-panel layouts.

  • HTML Email Editor updated, as well as the system level software for sending emails.

2012 Releases - 1CRM Finance 3.0 (QuickBooks Link): Aug ’12

  • info@hand Finance is an optional module which continually synchronizes Account, Product Catalog, Invoice & Payment data with QuickBooks (via the QuickBooks Web Connector – QBWC), at intervals defined by the QBWC;

  • Compatible with info@hand 7.0 and later versions;

  • Compatible with QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise, releases 2007-2012; Not compatible with QuickBooks Online;

Self-Service Portal & eStore 3.9: Aug ’12

  • Update Joomla base to revision 1.7.0.

  • info@hand System 7.0 compatibility.

1CRM Release 7.0: Aug ’12

  • 1CRM Engine replaces legacy SugarCRM architecture.

  • All new user interface featuring unified list views with integrated custom layouts and reporting

  • Best in class performance in the most-used web browsers.

  • Mobile support for iPad, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7.

  • Powerful customization features including the Studio for editing screen layouts, custom fields and dropdown lists, plus the ability to create Personality Packs which can fully customize the CRM for a specific industry with additional modules, studio customizations, and more.

  • Integrated Internet Telephony (via Skype, etc..) with automatic Call Logging in the CRM.

  • Dynamic Target Lists, which define a set of email marketing targets not by a list of individual names that has to be constantly updated and maintained, but as all Contacts, Leads or Targets that satisfy a set of criteria. Membership in the list is always up to date!

  • Drip-Feed Email Campaigns: Define a series of emails, and have each delivered a specified number of days or months after a lead is created, to implement a timed multi-stage campaign for all new leads.

2010 Releases - info@hand Release 6.7: August ’10

  • Timesheets module enhancements: Book time to general office activities and Sales, or link them to customer Cases or Projects. Adds Timesheet calendar mode, for more natural viewing and entering of Timesheet information.

  • Charts Update: Add Admin Option to Draw Charts with Flash or with SVG for Apple iPhone / iPad Support

  • New Chart: My Opportunities Speedometer

  • Support for Safari on Apple iPad / iPhone

  • Extend the Monthly Services Module to Support Quarterly and Annual Services, and Rename it to Recurring Services

  • Import Database: Define Profiles for Database Migration from Other CRM Products, Starting with SugarCRM CE 5.5 and 6.0 Profiles (Which Import and Link: Users, Accounts, Opportunities, Contacts, Leads, Cases, Meetings, Calls, Tasks, Notes)

  • Implementation Guide: New Chapter Added on Mac OS X Snow Leopard Server Installation, and Linux Reference Installation Updated to use Fedora Core 13

info@hand Self-Service Portal & eStore 3.8: April ’10

  • Update Joomla base to revision 1.5.15.

  • Update VirtueMart base to revision 1.1.4.

info@hand Release 6.6: April ’10

  • Expense Reports module: File general business or sales expenses, and link them to customer Accounts, Opportunities, Cases or Projects.

  • Includes optional approval cycle for expenses. Supports foreign currency expenses, advances, optional approval cycle, and ability to split one receipt into multiple items (e.g. Hotel bill that includes meals and telephone). Scanned receipts may be uploaded and linked to line items. Reports available to track expenses by different categories, accounts, employees…

  • Monthly Services module: for tracking and invoicing of recurring monthly services, designed for businesses like Internet Service Providers, Rental Agencies, Software-as-a-Service providers, etc…

  • All themes now support Grouped Modules navigation

  • Print Service Work Order PDF from Case Detail View

  • A new user-level Access Control option – ‘User Can See Project Financials’

  • A new option to convert a Sales Order to a Project.

  • Shipping tracking number enhancements for Invoices, Shipping Records and Sales Orders.

  • Calls list view now shows a column for the office phone number of the first Contact linked to a Call, to save a mouse click for those making lots of Calls.

  • New dashlets for Shipping, Receiving, Unpaid Bills, Open PO’s

Zarafa Integration: Feb ’10

  • info@hand Connector for z-merge framework.

  • Google Connector for z-merge framework.

  • SyncML Connector for z-merge framework.

info@hand Finance for QuickBooks 2.0: Feb ’10

  • Synchronization of Bills, Outgoing Payments and Accounts Payable Balances to QuickBooks.

  • Enhanced Implementation Guide.

info@hand Self-Service Portal & eStore 3.7: Feb ’10

  • Newsletter Registration Menu Option.

  • Update VirtueMart base to revision 1.1.2.

  • Enhancements to eStore Sync.

info@hand Release 6.5: Feb ’10

  • A completely new Dashboards module lets the user define any number of dashboard pages throughout their menu system. Each module Group (Today’s Activities, Sales & Marketing, Order Management, etc..) can optionally have Dashboard pages as part of it, at the start or end of the group. A Dashboard page can display any combination of dashlets and/or charts, rather like a combined dashboard/today page in earlier versions. Dashboard pages may be one to four columns wide, with user-adjustable column width.

  • he new Delight theme offers a more ‘modal’ user experience (order management mode, customer service mode, …) and key controls fixed at bottom of browser window so they are available even when scrolling.

  • A new Google/OpenSocial Gadgets dashlet allows most of the 170,000+ Google gadgets to be included on an info@hand dashboard as a dashlet. Facebook, GMail, Google Talk, Twitter, Calculator, Horoscopes … there’s a gadget for that.

  • A new World Weather dashlet shows weather info from The Weather Channel for up to 10 cities. Local time may optionally be shown for each city as well.

  • New dashlets have been added for News Feeds and My Active Projects.

  • Support has been added for the Chrome browser from Google.

  • New Day Grid & Week Grid views have been added to the Calendar, which show calendar info for multiple users and meeting resources in an easy-to-read grid layout, making it simple to check for a good meeting time.

  • An enhanced editor has been added for editing HTML Emails and Templates, with better support for advanced formatting of text, better image management and spell checking.

  • An enhanced Help System has been added, with better layout of the information, better search capabilities, and better screen images.

  • System Search capabilities have been enhanced, including the search of additional modules, a switch to control matching only at the beginning of fields or anywhere in fields, plus a search control within most module dashlets.

  • A new system backup has been added, which backs up both the installation directory and the MySQL database in a single zip file to the directory specified. On servers with Rsync support the large /cache directory will be backed up separately using Rsync, to another specified directory. A scheduler task now supports scheduled system backups.

  • A new Total Account History button on the History sub-panel of the Account detail view lets the user see all Account and related history merged into a single view.

  • A new check box has been added to each user’s Access Control screen, called Can See Product Costs. It controls if users can see product costs in the Quotes, Sales Orders and Invoices modules.

  • An Extended Price column has been added to the Quotes, Sales Orders and Invoices screens.

  • Two new check boxes have been added to the Company Information screen – Approve Booked Hours on Cases, and Approve Booked Hours on Projects. If they are not checked, users may book hours worked to a Case or Project Task and not have to get them approved before creating an Invoice.

  • The ability to assign one or more Categories to Contacts or Leads via Mass Update has been added.

  • System notification emails (such as “You have been assigned a new Lead”) may now be viewed and edited by the Administrator.

2009 Releases - info@hand Release 6.1: Jul ’09

  • Significantly Faster – Up to Twice as Fast on Many Screens. Optimized for Both High Latency and Low Bandwidth Situations. Also supports Zend Server and APC.

  • Improved Compatibility With Web Standards and Browsers (Safari 4, Firefox 3, IE 8)

  • Improved Integration With External Email Clients (e.g. Outlook, Google Email)

  • Integration with Google Contacts: 1-Way info@hand & Google

  • Integration with Google Maps

  • Integration with Google Docs: 2-way

  • Vacation Planner & Sick Days Record Integrated with Calendar and Employee HR Records. Tracks Employee Vacation and Sick Day Totals and Entitlement Automatically

  • Last Activity Date tracking for Leads, Contacts and Accounts automatically records date of last Note, Meeting, Email, Task or Call. New reports make it easy to see where you need to follow up.

  • Auto BCC Email Feature

  • Enhanced Bug Tracker: Supports Multiple Software Products, Each With Their Own Dropdown List of Versions

  • New Stocks Dashlet

info@hand Self-Service Portal & eStore 3.6: February ’09

  • Changes from the older SOAP API to the new json API for enhanced performance.

info@hand Self-Service Portal & eStore 3.5: January ’09

  • Add Partner Portal Capabilities – Partners can add new Leads, and review data on their Leads, Opportunities, Accounts and Invoices.

  • eStore Integration Enhancements – Sync Product Catalog items with HTML product descriptions, multi-level categories, product attributes.

info@hand Release 6.0: January ’09

  • A completely new calendar module with more dynamic AJAX-based displays and operation. Click and drag to create a new meeting and set its duration. View all calendar-related information super-imposed on a single display, with optional filtering of Meeting, Call, Task, Project Task, and Event information. Also includes support for loading holiday packs – users can choose to see the public holidays for the region where they are located.

  • A new system for managing data access control within info@hand – Teams and Roles combine to manage User access to info@hand data with more flexibility and precision than ever before.

  • Mass invoicing for all Accounts of Cases and Projects with outstanding billable hours.

  • Support for Partner mode access within the Self-Service Portal – allowing sales channel partners to register new Leads, and check all Lead, Account, Opportunity and Invoice data associated with them in your info@hand system.

  • Added support for Safari browser.

  • Project Gantt Chart

  • iCal synchronization.

  • Google Calendar synchronization: 2-way. 

  • eStore Integration Enhancements – Product Catalog items support HTML product descriptions, two-level categories, product attributes.

  • Support for pre-paid blocks of support time on service sub-contracts, and tracking hours remaining.

  • Report on Sales Taxes collected by Invoice range.

  • Report on Gross Profit generated by Invoice range and by sales person.

  • Report on Projects’ Profitability.

  • User may add multiple items to a quote/invoice at one time, via selected checkboxes on popup form.

  • Print multiple selected Invoices in a single operation.

  • Drop-shipment support for Purchase Orders.

  • New dashlets for Quotes, Sales Orders and Invoices.

  • Push-button copy of address information from an Account to selected Contacts at that Account.

  • Added client Phone/eMail information to Invoices and Packing slips to speed interactions with shipping suppliers.

2008 Releases - info@hand Self-Service Portal & eStore 3.0: July ’08

  • Move to a base of Joomla! 1.5x, VirtueMart 1.1.

  • Replace Simple Machines Forums with Fireboard.

info@hand Customer Portal & eStore 2.5: March ’08

  • Knowledge Base module – customer access to selected Knowledge base articles.

  • Menu options visible to unregistered visitors, Basic users and Full users may be selected within the CRBM admin screen.

  • eStore catalog sync now sync’s large and small product images, plus short and long product descriptions.

  • eStore reflects CRBM data for quantity in stock.

  • eStore catalog sync now sync’s Assemblies as well as Products.

info@hand Release 5.3: April ’08

  • Knowledge Base module – single-click article creation from Cases, or use conventional detail and edit views; articles may be tagged for searching; binary files and info@hand Documents may be linked to articles; checkboxes control if articles may be seen by clients in the Customer Portal.

  • Forums module, with ability to subscribe to threads for notification of updates, user photos shown with each post, threads may be linked to most major items of information in the system. Forums dashlet provided as well.

  • Quote & Invoice enhancements – support for item group types – existing Product type, plus new Support and Services types.

  • New layout option for Quotes, Invoices and other financial PDFs the system can produce, supporting USA #10 window envelopes.

  • New Bills module and conversion of PO’s to Bills.

  • Integration with the dimdim web meeting system.

  • Advanced PDF printing features for all list and detail view screens.

  • Mass export of Contact vCards, for Mac Address Book support.

  • Calendar day/week/month dashlet.

  • Campaign enhancements for Newsletters and Web-to-Lead Form generation, plus a new Quick Campaign feature for Leads and Contacts.

  • Service Case enhancements allow Service Parts to be linked to a Case, and subsequently to be automatically Invoiced.

  • Accounts module Mass Update panel enhancements enable an Email Template to be used to send an email with attached PDFs containing Statements and optionally all open Invoices, to multiple selected Accounts.

  • Shipping module, manages full or partial shipment of sales orders or invoices, links quantity shipped to each line of Invoices, generates Packing Slips, integrates with FedEx and UPS shipping and tracking systems, tracks product serial numbers, and decreases stock levels.

  • Receiving module, links quantity received to each line of Purchase Orders, links to Sales Order, and increases stock levels. Shipping and Receiving modules together add full inventory management to info@hand.

2007 Releases - info@hand PBX 1.0: October ’07

  • Integrates info@hand with the Trixbox Pro telephony application platform, based on Asterisk Open Source PBX software. Also supports Asterisk, Skype, and X-Lite.

  • Firefox plugin supporting click to dial and customer recognition popup for incoming calls. Internet Explorer plugin to follow.

info@hand eStore 1.0: October ’07

  • Links info@hand product catalogue items into online e-commerce offering built using VirtueMart, within the info@hand Customer Portal framework;

  • Accepts customer orders and payments, and enters resulting invoices and payments into info@hand.

info@hand Customer Portal 2.0: October ’07

  • Customer self-registration for Marketing Events.

  • Customers can examine their Invoice and Payment history, and compare account balance with their own records

  • Incorporates info@hand eStore 1.0.

info@hand Release 5.2: October ’07

  • Mail merge capability – using an RTF template file;

  • Automatic phone number formatting, to ensure smooth IP telephony operation

  • Support for info@hand PBX 1.0, Customer Portal 2.0, and eStore 1.0;

  • Line item level discounts, and absolute discount amounts (as well as existing percentage discounts);

  • Assemblies can include discount lines

  • Enhanced Group Inbox capability, with support for directing incoming email to standard and custom folders (such as Customer Support) within Group Inbox, plus auto-create of Cases via email

  • New ‘Test Mode’ for data imports – instead of importing data, returns import CSV file with annotations on duplicates or other data quality issues;

  • Quote approvals option if gross profit percentage is lower than threshold value

  • Create or add to campaign target lists using reports on Contacts and Leads

info@hand Mobile 1.1: June ’07

  • With enhanced data sorting and filtering capabilities.

info@hand Finance 1.0 (QuickBooks Link): June ’07

  • info@hand Finance is an optional module which continually synchronizes Account, Product Catalog, Invoice & Payment data with QuickBooks (via the QuickBooks Web Connector – QBWC), at intervals defined by the QBWC.

  • Compatible with info@hand 5.1 and later versions.

  • Compatible with both QuickBooks Pro and Enterprise; will not initially support QuickBooks Online Edition

  • Licensed separately for On Demand or On Premise applications.

info@hand Release 5.1: May ’07

  • Workflow automation support, to create your own custom-designed automated business workflows.

  • Addition of credit card transaction processing within the payments module.

  • New Marketing Events module with scheduled client email reminders, and user self-registration via the Customer Portal.

  • Email button in Leads and Contacts Mass Update Panel, to send email to all selected Leads or Contacts.

  • Multi-select Category field added to Leads and Contacts, to facilitate classifying Contacts and Leads for marketing and sales purposes.

  • Selection of business model – Business to Business (standard), or Business to Consumer (new option) – to optimize system operation for businesses that sell to individuals, not businesses.

  • Enhanced Internationalization Support: Address format selection on PDFs, to support a variety of international address formats; Also calendar mode selection for first day of the week – Sunday/Monday.

info@hand Release 5.0: Jan ’07

  • New Purchase Orders Module: Create PO’s for suppliers, and apply outgoing payments to update Accounts Payable.

  • Timesheet Enhancements: Easy tracking and invoicing of time spent on Cases and Projects.

  • Email Enhancements: Spell-checker, full-text email search, more email retrieval options, automated email archiving, auto-responders, auto-completion of email addresses.

  • Support for Recurring Invoices: For businesses that send out regular monthly bills.

  • Calendar Enhancements: Consolidated Monthly Company Calendar screen with selectable modes for Appointments and Tasks, Project Resources, and Meeting Resources; Support for recurring meetings; Print PDF of My Day calendar – both appointments and tasks.

  • Enhanced Supported Product Workflow: Create Supported Products from Quote or Invoice, relate to new or existing Support Contract and/or Project; Also create supported products from Project, and invoice time, expenses and/or products from Project.

  • Bulk reassignment of Leads and Accounts to other users, including selectable types of all related data.

  • Ability to require approval for Quotes above configurable amount.

  • Personalized Today Tab: Your key data at a glance.

  • All Modules: Save personalized list views with filters.

  • Integrated forums: With discussion threads linked to common objects like Contacts, Accounts, Projects, Cases, etc..

  • All-new Studio: For end user customization of the system, including adding/moving/removing/renaming fields, changing drop-down option lists, etc.. – with a new undo feature.

  • Enhanced Internationalization: With full UTF-8 support from data entry through to PDF.

  • Merge with SugarCRM Open Source 4.5.

2006 Releases - info@hand Customer Portal 1.0: Sep ’06

  • The info@hand Customer Portal offers integration with the Joomla Content Management System, for creating customer self-service portals.

  • Supports customer request for login credentials, & customer updating of their own name and address details.

  • Supports creation of customer information area, and file download area.

  • Supports customer creation, update, and status check of support Cases, and Software Bugs.

  • Supports customer participation in external Project website (extranet).

  • Supports FAQs

  • Supports Customer Forum

  • Included free with info@hand 4.2.2 and later

info@hand Mobile 1.0: Jul ’06

  • Wireless Browser Support for phone/PDA combos: Pocket PC, Treo, Blackberry etc..

  • Included free with info@hand

info@hand Release 4.2: Jun ’06

  • New Forecasts module offers formal Sales Forecasting and Charting with Roll-up by Reporting Line, Quotas, % of Quota.

  • Enhanced Projects and Timesheets – supports multiple users booking time to common tasks.

  • Enhanced Quotes and Invoices modules – now offer support for multiple lines of taxes (including compound taxes such as Quebec PST), multiple discount levels, and price tuning by markup, margin or percent off list. Also displays and tracks GP and GP%.

  • Accounts now include standard Terms, Discount level and Shipping Provider, which set defaults when creating Quotes and Invoices;

  • Enhanced Campaign Management – improved target selection and results tracking.

  • Email Module adds IMAP Support, and Group Inbox capability

  • Email-based workflow capabilities

  • New Long Reach theme with 5-colour palette selector

  • Merge with SugarCRM Open Source 4.2.

info@hand Release 3.6: Apr ’06

  • Invoices Module – Convert quotes into Invoices, and see Invoices linked on Account Detail View. Also see account balances on Account List View.

  • Payments Processing – Allocate payments to invoices, print receipts & statements.

  • Lots of reporting enhancements, including automated emailing of scheduled reportMany new Dashboard Charts have been added, and now there are multiple dashboards for Sales Service, Projects, Financials, plus your Personal Dashboard. Choose the charts you want to see and their display order, plus add charts from your reports..

  • Enhanced Role Management system is now based on an enhanced implementation of Access Control Lists, which adds hierarchical data access permissions, and data sharing within groups.

  • Product Assemblies are now supported throughout the Product Catalog, Quotes, Invoices, and Supported Products.

  • Users may now duplicate projects complete with the project task list, to provide a project templating facility;

  • Enhanced product catalog for automatic calculation of annual support costs.

  • Automatic email reminders for overdue project tasks, and expired service contracts.

Outlook Plug-In 1.0: Mar ’06

  • info@hand Outlook 2000/2003 Plug-in (powered by JRabbit) – Syncs your Outlook Contacts, Calls and Meetings with info@hand, sends Outlook emails into info@hand and links them to Contacts & Accounts. 

  • Free license for all info@hand users

2005 Releases - info@hand Release 3.5: Dec ’05

  • Custom Reports Module: For users to design and save their own reports.

  • TimeSheet Module: Allows users to record their time vs: jobs within projects tasks, and rolls up actual project costs.

  • Resource Utilization Management: For those managing a bench of resources providing professional services.

  • Full HTML Email Send/Receive for Each User

  • Import Product Catalog and Service Asset Register

  • Merge with SugarCRM Open Source 3.5.1g (HTML Email templates, Module Loader, module detail view display and navigation enhancements).

info@hand Release 3.0: Sep ’05

  • Two-way email support – both Inbox and Outbox, plus user-defined email folders. Reads incoming email from one or more POP3 accounts defined for each user.

  • Quotes Module: Prepare customer quotes from product catalog data.

  • PMI/Teams – user role management, with assignable read/write authorizations for each module and sub-panel, plus restrictions on data import/export capabilities.

  • Book resources for meetings – meeting rooms, projectors, TVs, etc…

  • Projects bar chart – showing forecast income for all projects by month for period chosen.

  • Rolling 12 month horizontal stacked bar chart of Sales Won, Weighted Forecast (by probability), and Gross Forecast.

  • Reports: Initial key reports – User Activity, Quarterly Forecast, Customer Accounts, Partner Accounts, Detailed Forecast, Contact List, and Account List.

  • Merge with Sugar Open Source 3.0 (Marketing Campaign Management, Prospects).

info@hand Release 2.5: Mar ’05

  • Service Contract module: Manages support contracts, sub-contracts, and products covered by them; also manages the renewal of support contracts.

  • Products module: Creates a product catalog organized by product types and categories; also tracks products covered by service contracts, business assets, sales inventory.

  • Emails module.

  • RSS News Feeds module.

  • My Portal module: Links to external web pages and applications via shortcuts or custom tabs.

  • Customizable fields – add, modify or remove fields, and their layout, in any module.

  • Module management – Admin can enable or disable each module from appearing in UI.

  • New charting engine based on Flash technology.

  • Maintenance release for info@hand 2.0.

info@hand Release 2.0: Jan ’05 [Initial Release]

  • CRM – Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities Modules

  • HR Module

  • Calendar Module

  • Dashboard Module – graphical view of business performance

  • Documents Module

  • Projects Module

  • Administration Module

  • Company Directory Module