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What is Case Management?

Cases are issues or problems associated with an account. They may be managed and tracked through their life-cycle using the Cases module. Cases may be assigned High, Medium or Low priority. They have a status of Active – New, Active – Assigned, Pending, Closed – Complete, or Closed – No Fault.

Each Case tracks the related service contract number, and the description and serial number of any hardware asset involved in the Case. In this module, you can also track client interaction, book hours, service parts to service cases, and print work orders.


Any contacts that are associated with a Case will receive an email notification when the Case (or any related data) is updated if the options on the Admin – Email Email & Settings screen are selected.

This capability works very well with the 1CRM Self-Service Portal. Clients may update a Case via the portal, and relevant users can receive an email to let them know. Conversely, when users update a case, clients can get an email prompting them to use the portal to see the update to their case.


Within 1CRM you have the ability to book time to Projects and Cases, and then invoice for that time if it is billable. As well, you can file Timesheets, and time booked to Cases or Projects will automatically appear on Timesheets for the periods within which the work was done. You also have the ability to record the Service Parts you have used on a Case, and then invoice for those parts if they are billable.


Once you have entered all the Booked Hours and Service Parts to a Case, you can either invoice the case, or its cost can be debited to a service sub-contract that has a prepaid credit balance.


Create articles automatically from service cases, link Documents or Notes (with optional attached binary files), and index the article with Tags. Search for them by Tags, and optionally expose them to your customers through the Self-Service Portal, as valuable information that they can search through as well.


  • Email notifications and updating cases via the Portal ensures that customers and employees always know the status of every case that is relevant to them. This keeps employees on track, and enables customers to track the progress of their own case. Thus reducing calls or emails inquiring about the status of their case.
  • Displaying the articles in the 24/7 Self-Service Portal, empowers customers to find answers right when they need them. Making for happier customers, and saved time and money on support calls.
  • The articles can be created automatically, which enables you to have a rich knowledge base without spending much time on it.
  • The Knowledge base is also a very useful tool for those working in case management. Reading case articles can jog their memory, or provide insight into a current case.