ConsignO Cloud

ConsignO Cloud is a market-leading legal reliability electric and digital signature platform. Reliably send, sign and receive documents in just a few clicks.

ConsignO Cloud is an electronic and digital signature platform from Notarius, a Portage CyberTech company, that lets you send, sign, and receive legally reliable and admissible in court documents. With documents transited using SSL / TLS encryption alongside a secure oAuth connection to your favourite web apps. 

With ConsignO Cloud, change starts with a simple signature project. What used to take a long time gets done more efficiently and your clients will notice. Electronic signatures reflects your brand! With a customizable interface, powerful APIs, SSO integration and trusted electronic signatures, you can entirely automate and digitize your workflows with ConsignO Cloud.

You can use 1CRMs existing templates to create powerful documents, or customize your own existing PDFs in the PDF Form Editor. Wow your customers with documents that are as aesthetic as they are powerful.

You can find a ‘how to’ guide in our blog to get started.

Enhanced Document Workflow

By integrating 1CRM and ConsignO Cloud, you can bid farewell to cumbersome document management. With 1CRM’s power to effortlessly create and send documents, you can now sit back and relax, whilst ConsignO Cloud tracks and updates the status’ in real-time inside 1CRM.

Accelerate Your Sales Cycles

In the sales world, time is money. By incorporating electronic and digital signature inside 1CRM, there will be no more waiting for late documents that your client swears was ‘sat in their outbox’. Automate this process and watch your approval process get expedited, giving you the competitive edge!

Improved Customer Experience

Boost your customer retention by eliminating complex workflows. Your customers will be able to sign and return documents on the move, eliminating the need for physical meetings or printers. Supercharge your customer satisfaction and loyalty, in turn improving your brand reputation.

Enhanced security and compliance

Produce documents that are admissible and enforceable in a court of law. An automated process produces an audit log that follows the signed document in PDF/A-3 format, making legal reliability of the process easy to prove.

To begin, you will need a 1CRM account, even a 30-day free trial will work with this integration! (for 30 days). Next, sign up for ConsignO Cloud Enterprise Edition. Volume based pricing allows flexibility spend only what your business needs.

Getting started is easy, follow these steps to get started:

    1. Find your Client ID and Secret inside your Consigno Cloud Instance.
    2. Copy and Paste that inside System Settings in 1CRM.
    3. Configure your Secondary Authentication method.
    4. Create a PDF Template document in 1CRMs PDF Form Designer.
    5. Send a PDF for Electronic Signature using the Print button in a record.

Click on the link for detailed instructions on how to setup your instance of 1CRM to work with ConsignO Cloud.

Note: You will need to have either a 1CRM Professional or Enterprise edition running version 8.7.6. or higher. If you require help with this, please contact

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