1CRM 8.5 Developer Guide

This 1CRM 8.5 Developer Guide is your complete reference source for advanced customization of the 1CRM System – with all-new extended content about the REST API and the API Client Library for PHP. Learn how to interface with external APIs, develop for the 1CRM framework and package custom extensions. (91 pages)


Learn how to connect to the API, authenticate, and work with general data, calendars, metadata, and files.

API Client Library for PHP

Download the API Client Library for PHP and get a reference implementation – and full worked examples and documentation – for how to access the 1CRM API from your client code.

Module Development

Learn about business logic hooks, field descriptors, common field types, table indexes plus model links and relationships.

System Module Extensions

Learn how to build upgrade-safe extensions for standard system modules – system language extensions, model and display extensions, module layout extensions, plus extending the administration module.

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