1CRM 8.5 User Guide

Here is the latest 1CRM User Guide! This guide adds content on the latest enhancements to the 1CRM experience including the CRMFlex Mobile browser access for Android and iPhone, the new Flex theme with a dozen colour scheme options and user-provided background images, LiveChat and PieSync integrations, and a new Chats module. (296 pages)

CRMFlex Mobile Access

The CRMFlex adaptive user interface ensures an excellent browser experience regardless of the size of the device you use to access 1CRM: Android or iOS Phones or Tablets, and  Windows or macOS Laptops & Desktops.

User Interface Make-over

All themes enjoy new fonts, new icons, new field widgets, new colours – new touches everywhere. The system is also faster and more responsive, thanks to advanced javascript resource loading techniques.

New Integrations

PieSync Integration adds seamless 2-way contact sync between 1CRM and many of your favorite cloud apps. An integration with LiveChat can log Chat sessions into your 1CRM, related to new or existing Leads or Contacts.

Exciting New Flex Theme

With a strong modern design, a dozen colour scheme options including a dark mode, and the ability to use your own images as the background, Flex will challenge your preconceived notions of how a CRM should look!

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