1CRM 8.7 Implementation Guide

This Implementation Guide describes the entire process for implementing and administering 1CRM System 8.7. This guide covers all aspects of administering a 1CRM system, including importing and exporting data, setting up your company-specific configurations such as name and logo, system customization using the studio, setting up user and system email, and setting up your system backups. (148 pages)


The first half of this guide takes you through the process of implementing 1CRM. You’ll find it useful to read this guide while browsing this webpage (Getting Started) for a step-by-step implementation process.

System Administration

This guide has the info you need to configure company-specific details in 1CRM – company name, address and logo, email settings and access control with Roles and Teams. Setup your backups and maintain the system!

Studio Customization

The Studio lets administrators customize nearly every aspect of 1CRM: List view layouts, detail screen layouts, PDF print layouts, custom fields, dropdown list options, dashboards, system menus and automated workflows.

User Management

Set up all your users, complete with passwords, email configuration, and setting up integrations with their phones, Outlook, Gmail, RingCentral, DropBox, Skype, GoToMeeting, and other services.

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