Case Study: Funhaven

“1CRM provides Funhaven with the ability to develop a highly customized sales management system that works the way we work, and that provides valuable business insights on key performance indicators that are immediately actionable.”

Dave Ellis
Executive Director

Business Description

Entertainment Centre, Ottawa, Canada (110 Employees)

Founded in 2011, Funhaven is quickly becoming a family favourite in Ottawa, Ontario. Taking you into a world full of imagination, Funhaven offers entertainment, great food, and a chance to spend quality time with the family.

Products used: 1CRM Enterprise, Cloud 


  • Managing their salesforce Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Tracking customer interactions
  • Quoting their services
  • Reporting information on pipeline and sales

Business Benefits

  • Provides anyone in the company with an instant 360 degree view of any customer
  • Consolidates five systems into one
  • Integrates easily with other products & services
  • Better business structure

3 Favourite Features

  • The level of customization that’s possible

  • The ability to distinguish between the different stages of the sales cycle easily and intuitively

  • The integration capabilities with email and calendar


Ultimately, the 1CRM System has helped Funhaven visualize the activities of the sales force and ensure that their investments in prospective and current client bases are protected.

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