Beverage Industry Case Study

Hill Street Marketing is in the non-alcoholic beverage business. It was started back in 2008 with the initial idea of making a premium line of non-alcoholic beverages licensed under the charity, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), thus the name MADD Virgin Drinks. The product line includes red and white wine, a sparkling champagne-style Brut, Margaritas, Mojitos and the World’s First Alcohol-Free Craft Brewed Lager, which has won two gold medals so far in the US Open Beer Championships.

HSM then added a great regular beer called Designated Draft, that tastes just like beer with alcohol. Thirdly, HSM has partnered with another top charity, Best Buddies International, to create Best Buddies Bubbles, a children’s celebratory sparkling pure juice beverage. HSM products are now sold in over 5,000 stores and retail outlets.

CRM Objective

The employees of HSM are spread from coast to coast over 4 times zones, plus there are reps on the road, so an online system was mandatory. We needed to monitor our sales efforts, our order processing – in and out, our invoicing, our email blasts, our store visits, our shared internal documents for all to have access to and more.

The Solution – 1CRM Professional Edition

Prior to discovering 1CRM, the Hill Street Marketing team started with another CRM, and gave it up after just a few months – for lack of power and flexibility. That experience provided them with a better idea of what they were really looking for in a CRM solution. With their objective defined, they found 1CRM Professional Edition. Exceeding all of their requirements, 1CRM is flexible, cost-effective, and includes all the features they need.

Business Benefits

  • Can quickly check on all communications in and out with a particular customer, which can be an online customer, a store or retail chain
  •  Better business structure & organization – 1CRM is at the core of HSM
  •  Integrates easily with other products & services
  •  Can perform almost all daily business tasks within 1CRM

3 Favourite Features

  • Customization – “Because you can have just exactly the modules and fields you want for each and every task and get rid of everything that you don’t want.”

  • Reporting – “Initially I thought the reporting was lacking but I have to come understand that it is very good. The ‘interactive’ option allows fewer reports to be written, as users can set filters when running the reports, to get the answers according to the particular circumstance they are in at the time.”

  • Layout – “1CRM is straightforward and easy to understand. I know that’s a cliché, but only good software has new users up and comfortable using it within minutes, and that is literally what happens with 1CRM.”


HSM successfully implemented 1CRM throughout their sales & administrative staff, and they have done considerable customization to virtually all the screens in 1CRM that are used regularly – so it fits the needs of their business extremely well. Throughout the years, 1CRM has continued to meet the needs of their growing business, and allows them to easily manage their products in over 5,000+ stores and retail outlets.

Secrets to Success

  • The Right CRM: HSM searched high and low for the perfect CRM that aligned with the needs of their business. Price, features, and flexibility were all important factors for them. Upon discovering 1CRM, they added customizations to specifically address the unique needs of their business. Now, their business runs much more efficiently, and they are able to better focus on growing the business instead. You can follow their lead by choosing a CRM that truly fits the needs of your business – whatever they may be. Download the CRM Requirements Checklist to get started today!
  •  Diversity: While HSM has seen great success with MADD Virgin Drinks, they have also created a diversified portfolio of products. This strategy enables them appeal to many types of clients, and helps secure the future of their business. Follow their example by trying not to put all your eggs in one basket. Create multiple streams of revenue to see your business through the years.
  •  Social Responsibility: Want to make a difference with your business? Think of ways in which you can be socially responsible, on a local or global level. For example, HSM doesn’t just produce non-alcoholic beverages – they also partner with prominent charities that align with the purpose of their products. Having a greater sense of purpose can really motivate you to grow the business, and the sales will follow! Customers love buying products that are making an effort to be socially responsible. By supporting you, it makes them feel like they’re being socially responsible too.

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