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1CRM users can integrate with the HubSpot inbound marketing software platform. HubSpot helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. This integration brings the vital HubSpot data and features to 1CRM to help you automate your sales and marketing processes.

1CRM HubSpot Integration

The benefits of integrating 1CRM with HubSpot include:

  •  Your Marketing team sends better qualified leads to the sales team;
  •  Sales reps spend more time selling, less time qualifying and doing data entry;
  •  Improve customer retention with 1:1 nurturing;
  •  Track more email communication without sales reps learning new systems;
  • Benefit from accurate, real-time data for sales and marketing dashboards and closed-loop marketing ROI reporting.

1CRM HubSpot Integration Features

Hubspot to 1CRM

When leads convert through HubSpot forms and landing pages, the integration searches CRM for an existing target, lead, account or opportunity with a matching Hubspot id or email. If no match is found, a new entry is inserted in 1CRM, based on the lifecycle of the HubSpot Contact. If the search returns a matching record, the existing record in 1CRM is updated with the mapped HubSpot fields.
Based on the lifecycle stage of the HubSpot Contact, a range of different records will be created in 1CRM:

1CRM to HubSpot

As targets, leads and accounts are inserted or updated by 1CRM users, the integration will create/update those records to HubSpot. Records are matched by the unique HubSpot id. If that’s missing, they are matched by email address.

Add Contacts to Nurturing Campaigns

1CRM Users can add leads to a HubSpot nurturing campaign from CRM. The nurturing campaigns, workflows, and email content are managed and tracked in HubSpot. The sync/timing between the actual campaigns from HubSpot and the Campaigns list in 1CRM can be done manually or by the server automatically.

Standard Field Mapping

All the HubSpot fields relating to Contact, Company, Social Media, Web Analytics History and Conversation Information are fetched and inserted in the 1CRM counterpart.

Custom Fields Mapping

Custom field mappings are predefined at installation, but can be modified later on if requirements change.

Sending Emails from 1CRM with Custom Record Owner Info through HubSpot

By updating Hubspot Contact’s record owner information, each email can be customized to be sent from the user that started the action. Each email template that is intended to appear in 1CRM must first be created and configured, along with a workflow in HubSpot. The setup and configuration of email templates and workflows is done exclusively in HubSpot.

Retrieving HubSpot Contact Emails

All the emails sent by HubSpot are copied into 1CRM, and linked to the appropriate target, lead or account record.

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