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Integromat is the glue of the internet. Capable of connecting apps, transferring and transforming data, and automating processes you currently handle manually, it works 24 hours a day, seven days a week and does not require your intervention. Simply set Integromat to do what you want and let it work for you!

Integromat is a tool to connect apps and automate workflows using a beautiful, no-code visual builder. There is a free tier for using the Integromat service, as well as paid tiers with more capabilities and capacity. Integromat enables you to connect 1CRM to over 400 online services, and create complex integrations using built-in apps and tools with no coding needed. Have the freedom to automate any online task, in just a few clicks. 

You can see an overview about using the 1CRM integration with Integromat on their site. And you can read their detailed documentation for this integration here

We also have a detailed 1CRM & Integromat Guide for building 1CRM integrations using Integromat, now available!

Managing Customer Relationships

Elevate your customer support standards with Integromat. Connect your customer support systems, automate department communication, handle complaints and solve problems.

Fully Integrated

Integrates with 400+ apps including: Gmail, Dropbox, Twitter, Google Drive, WooCommerce, Slack, and hundreds more!

Easy to use!

Integromat is easy to use and has a free edition! Simply sign up and start connecting your apps! No more switching between multiple apps and having information get lost in the process!

Social Media Tracking

Integromat allows you to track social media performance in real time. Learn how to with our use cases and start tracking mentions, comments, photos, and more.

To begin, you will need a 1CRM account, even a 30-day free trial will work with this integration! (for 30 days). Next, sign up for Integromat – they have free and paid plans to suit your needs. 

If you already have those, then you are ready to setup your 1CRM-Integromat integration!

Connecting 1CRM to Integromat

To connect your 1CRM account to Integromat you need to enter your 1CRM domain and login credentials to the Create a connection dialog in Integromat.

1. Open any 1CRM module in the Integromat scenario.

2. Click the Add button next to the Connection field.

3. Fill the fields as follows:

Connection Name Enter the name for your 1CRM connection.
Domain Enter the URL of your 1CRM account without the https prefix.
Username Enter the user name for your 1CRM account. E.g. Admin.
Password Enter the password to your 1CRM account.


4. Click the Continue button to establish the connection to your 1CRM account.

The connection has been established. You can proceed with setting up the module.

Check out this article to learn more about working with records, modules, list fields, info, files, and how to make an API call using the 1CRM-Integromat connection! 

We also have a detailed 1CRM & Integromat Guide for building 1CRM integrations using Integromat, now available!

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