Automated Lead Capture

Use 1CRM to generate lead forms for your website and affiliates. WordPress users are encouraged to use the 1CRM plugin to build lead forms that link directly to your 1CRM system. Integrated IP Telephony speeds lead followup with automated call audit trail.

Automated Follow-ups

Convert those leads into customers by creating newsletters, drip-feed campaigns (every new lead gets multiple emails at a timed progression automatically), and dynamic target lists which automatically include all Leads and Contacts meeting your criteria without tiresome list management.

Create a Partner Network

1CRM lets you track your sales partners and link each of them to any Leads, Opportunities, Accounts – even Invoices to which they are related.

Need a report on the leads that partners are bringing you, grouped by partner? No problem, 1CRM can email it automatically to you each month.

Need to calculate sales partner commissions due each month? Let 1CRM run that report for you without asking!

For referral/affiliate type partners you can issue them unique codes so their web links to your site can automatically credit to them the leads, opportunities and sales created.

Lead Guerrilla

Picture a black box that plugs into the wall. Plug it in, turn on the switch, and qualified leads with an interaction history are automatically added into your 1CRM system – day in and day out – while the system is running. You’ll also get charts and feedback on which messages clients respond to best, so that the ‘machine’ can just get more and more effective over time.
Lead Guerrilla is a control panel for your brand’s marketing efforts, organizing your website, social media, text and email communications into a single, intuitive Marketing Automation system.

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