Sales Forecasting

1CRM tracks all Sales opportunities, and aggregates them into your Sales pipeline. Standard charts show breakdowns by sales stage and outcomes, lead source, sales rep and expected close date.

Custom Charts

Track top opportunities & recent quotes by featuring a custom chart on any dashboard! Monitor performance by issuing Monthly or Quarterly sales forecasts with individual and team quotas. Reports can be run automatically and sent to a distribution list. Everyone in the weekly sales meeting can get the latest data in their inbox automatically that morning!

Custom Dashboards

Create and add dashboards anywhere in the menu system to instantly find the data you need. 1CRM’s simple Drag ‘n Drop interface enables you to add dashlets from all 1CRM Modules & Charts, plus your Calendar, News Feeds, World Weather and Stock Prices.

360 Degree View of Your Customer

To predict the future, you must know the past. Prepare for your next meeting by logging into 1CRM, where you can obtain an instant snapshot of any Lead, Contact, or Account.

Social CRM

In addition to contact information, lifecycle, and history, you can also link to their social profiles, to stay up to date on their organization. Be ready to continue the conversation, and discuss related features or products!

Scheduled Reports

1CRM offers the ability to schedule a report to be run on a regular basis – every day, week, month, quarter – whatever. And it also lets you designate a copy list of staff to receive the report. Each person can get the report in their preferred format as well – CSV, HTML, PDF, or simply as a link back into 1CRM as a security measure.

This feature really helps save on administrative/clerical efforts, and the possibilities are just about endless! For instance – 1CRM can automatically send out the latest sales & opportunities report each Monday morning at 6AM prior to the weekly sales meeting, to all the right people. Everyone will be on the same page for the sales meeting, with no exceptions!

Live Business Card™

Throw out that stack of business cards, because you have 1CRM Live Business Card! Search for any client – click to call, email, set up a meeting, view their social media profiles, and more!

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