Personalize your CRM

Make your 1CRM platform feel like home by choosing from multiple themes and colour schemes. 1CRM is also available in English, French, Italian, Spanish and German – with more language packs being developed all the time!

Custom Layouts & Modules

Use the Layout Editor to customize screen layouts. The Dropdown Editor customizes your dropdown options, while the Custom Fields Editor can create 18 different types of custom fields to add to your screens. Create custom Workflows, customized list views, and so much more! Add all new modules to the system with the Module Designer, to track business objects unique to your enterprise. Create custom layouts for your invoices, quotes, work orders, expense reports and more with 1CRM’s PDF Form Designer.


1CRM lets you compose and send email (text or HTML format), plus receive email from one or more accounts per user. You can create custom email folders to hold your mail for filing, and specify the retention period for different types of email to reduce clutter. The system automatically links all mail to the history of Contacts, co-workers and customer Accounts referenced in email addresses contained in the message.

Track Your Emails

Was your email received? Opened? When was it opened? How many times have they opened it? Did they also forward it to someone, and they opened it too? 1CRM can now answer these questions for every single email you send, in addition to email marketing campaigns. Even your Gmail won’t do that! Now if only we could answer the question of why that person hasn’t responded exactly when you’d like them to…

CRM Calendar

Click and drag to create or re-schedule a call or meeting. Grid views show who is free for a group meeting. Book meeting rooms, see public holidays, book vacations, print agenda, and even book your timesheet hours within the calendar. View tasks that are due, project task assignments & company events, and set on-screen, mobile, or email reminders for any call or meeting.

Group Calendar

Skip the confusion & overlap by booking your next meeting with the 1CRM Group Calendar feature. Add the users you’d like a meeting or call with, and then choose a date & time slot when everyone is free. If they have any meetings or tasks already booked, they will automatically be unavailable during those times. You can also use this feature to book resources such as meeting rooms, projectors or Macs/PCs.

Collaborate on Forums

Create forums in your 1CRM to provide employees with a secure avenue for collaboration and updates on upcoming projects and tasks in their division, and the company as a whole.

Action Items

What’s on the docket for today? A meeting? Call? Important tasks? Look no further than the Action Items dashboard. Collaborate with clients using the integrated SkypeOut feature, or host a GoToMeeting session.

What's the Weather Like?

Plan your day effectively. Check out the weather dashlet for today’s weather in your chosen cities! You can check stocks, blogs, and news too!

News Update

Check out the latest news stories from your favorite news outlets by adding their RSS feed to your 1CRM! We recommend the 1CRM Blog for some great reading! 🙂

Manage your Business On-the-Go!

Access your 1CRM anytime, anywhere, and from any Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android device. Create custom screen layouts for an optimized mobile experience, or simply access the standard 1CRM system. On tablets, the sidebar auto collapses to maximize your work area, and bandwidth requirements are minimized using advanced caching techniques.

Download 1CRM Mobile Apps

1CRM Mobile features optimized mobile access to your leads, contacts, and accounts. Now you can easily track opportunities, take notes, connect with clients, create tasks, and manage your projects from anywhere. All changes are instantly visible in the 1CRM web app – providing your colleagues with access to real-time information.

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