How to Uninstall 1CRM On-Premise CRM Software

Sorry to see you go!

Uninstalling 1CRM

On all server operating systems, the main step to uninstall 1CRM is to remove the installation directory.

  •  For Windows Server, this folder is C:/wamp/www
  •  For Centos this folder is /var/www/html/1crm
  •  For OS X the folder is /Library/WebServer/Documents/1crm

Once you erase that folder, your 1CRM software has been removed in full.

Next, delete the MySQL database you created for 1CRM, using the command: DROP DATABASE <1crm-database-name>;

Note: Dropping a database can not be undone! 

On most platforms, you will not want to remove MySQL or Apache, as they were not installed specifically for using 1CRM. However, on Windows server, as a final step to uninstall 1CRM, you will want to remove WampServer 2.5.

Removing WampServer consists of:

  •  Stopping and uninstalling the services (wampapache and wampmysql) either with the uninstall services batch file included or on the command line.
  •  Deleting the wamp folder

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