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WooCommerce has become the most popular online shop system in the world, and now 1CRM and WooCommerce have joined forces using an integration created by visual4 GmbH.

With this integration, your WooCommerce orders automatically are stored in 1CRM, alongside the customer information, your customers can see status changes to their order (that you do in 1CRM) in their order history in WordPress. Your products from 1CRM get synchronized to WooCommerce as soon, as you check “Available in Online Shop” and WooCommerce stock changes are reflected within 1CRM product reservations until you finally ship the products.

In WooCommerce, you are not limited to products that initially came from 1CRM, but you can use every product type from WooCommerce or a variety of WooCommerce extensions and plugins, like subscriptions, configurators and much more – and the order is just passed to 1CRM, including shipping tax and discounts.

  •  Sync WooCommerce orders to 1CRM Quotes, Sales Orders or Invoices (may also be controlled by WordPress user roles)
  •  Sync order state back to WooCommerce “My Account” for the customer
  •  Automatically create accounts and contacts in 1CRM – related to WordPress user, so subsequent orders are assigned to the right account
  •  Sync address changes from “My Account” to 1CRM Account and Contact and vice versa
  •  Sync products from 1CRM to WooCommerce, including stock changes on both sides
  •  Sync your product categories from 1CRM to WooCommerce
  •  Supports all payment methods available for WooCommerce
  •  Supports WooCommerce subscriptions and many other WooCommerce extensions
  •  Supports Discount and Tax calculation from WooCommerce

Get all these features for just € 699 per year – including all upgrades to the extension!

Included in the price is the 1CRM extension and a WordPress Plugin to acquire PayPal IDs etc. In addition, you will receive an installation guide and a year access to updates of the interface. The interface is compatible with WooCommerce version 2.3.

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