1CRM vs. Keap

1CRM is a highly customizable CRM built for comprehensive management of small-to-medium businesses. Its core strength is the integration of order management (quotes, invoices, product catalog, purchase orders, inventory tracking and more), customer service and project management within a unified CRM framework.

Keap Professional is a fairly expensive solution that includes basic sales CRM features and above average email campaign tools. This is a fairly easy to use system which works well for very small businesses, but doesn't scale well as your business grows. It doesn't offer customer service or project management, and only offers simple invoicing without support for quotes, a product catalog, or any other order management features.

1CRM's Main Advantages Over Keap:

All-in-One CRM

Get all the sales, marketing, order management, customer service and project management features you need within a single easy-to-manage CRM solution. Keap lacks customer service and project management completely and has minimal order management capabilities.

Enhanced Customization

Give your clients the personal touch with deep customization available on all system PDFs such as quotes, invoices, packing slips etc. Customize the menu system, add unlimited custom fields, edit screen layouts and list views, then tailor dashboards and reports as desired.

Realistic & Flexible Pricing

1CRM is typically about half the price of KEAP, while providing a much broader set of capabilities. 1CRM also offers annual subscriptions with cost savings, as well as a perpetual license option.

Complete Business Solution

While 1CRM itself provides All-in-One CRM capabilities, it is also the centre of an integrated ecosystem that includes a Customer Portal, eCommerce solutions, Accounting integrations, IP Telephony, online meetings and more.

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1CRM vs Keap: The Ultimate Comparison

Comparison based on full feature packages 
(1CRM Cloud Enterprise vs. Keap Professional)

1CRM (Unlimited Contacts)
KEAP (10,000 Contacts)
Basic Cost (1 User)
$34 (+$34 Per User)
$369 (+$30 Per User)
Cost for 10 Users
Monthly/Annual Plans
Monthly, Annual & Perpetual
Only Monthly
Cost of Implementation
$0 (Training Available at Cost)
$499 (Mandatory Fee)
Contacts & Company Records
Limited by Subscription
User Limit
Purchase Any # of Users
Max 10 Users
REST API Service
Mobile Apps
Customize Menu & Screen Layouts
Only Screen Layouts
Custom Fields
Max 100 Custom Fields
Module Designer
Customer Service Management
Project Management
Product Catalog, Quotes, Invoices
Only Invoices
Sales Process Automation
Email Templates
Mass Email Campaigns & Tracker
Target Lists & Automated Follow-ups
Standard & Custom Reports

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