1CRM Corp. Releases Version 6.5 of Flagship info@hand Customer Relationship and Business Management System (CRBM)

The Dashboard Release

ONTARIO, CANADA – (February 27, 2010)

1CRM Corp. has announced the release of the next generation of their flagship product, info@hand, a Customer Relationship and Business Management (CRBM) System for small and medium-sized businesses. The application is one of the first to blend first class Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features with extended business management capabilities for Accounting and ERP, e-Commerce, Project & Resource tracking, Customer Service, and Human Resources.

info@hand differs from conventional CRM products in that it offers key features that enable small and medium businesses to out-manoeuvre larger companies by capitalizing on their ability to react more quickly to client requests and changing markets. info@hand does this by eliminating common bottlenecks in finance and administrative areas. For example, it allows customer-facing personnel to create quotes or invoices quickly for clients, and then synchronize them later into the familiar QuickBooks accounting system for tracking by administrative staff – combining a quick response with a responsible audit trail.

Other features setting info@hand apart from the myriad of CRM products offered today include comprehensive project management capabilities such as timesheets, project costing and invoicing; fully integrated customer service management with an automatic assignment mode that pairs cases with the most qualified technicians; and strong international support including the ability to generate quote and invoice PDFs using the full UTF-8 character set needed for many languages including Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Thai.

Some of the key new capabilities of release 6.5 of info@hand include:

  • A completely new Dashboards module lets the user define any number of dashboard pages throughout their menu system. Each module Group (Today’s Activities, Sales & Marketing, Order Management, etc..) can optionally have Dashboard pages as part of it, at the start or end of the group. A Dashboard page can display any combination of dashlets and/or charts, rather like a combined dashboard/today page in earlier versions. Dashboard pages may be one to four columns wide, with user-adjustable column width.
  • The new Delight theme offers a more ‘modal’ user experience (order management mode, customer service mode, …) and key controls fixed at bottom of browser window so they are available even when scrolling.
  • A new Google/OpenSocial Gadgets dashlet allows most of the 170,000+ Google gadgets to be included on an info@hand dashboard as a dashlet. Facebook, GMail, Google Talk, Twitter, Calculator, Horoscopes … there’s a gadget for that.
  • A new World Weather dashlet shows weather info from The Weather Channel for up to 10 cities. Local time may optionally be shown for each city as well.
  • New dashlets have been added for News Feeds and My Active Projects.
  • Support has been added for the Chrome browser from Google.
  • New Day Grid & Week Grid views have been added to the Calendar, which show calendar info for multiple users and meeting resources in an easy-to-read grid layout, making it simple to check for a good meeting time.
  • An enhanced editor has been added for editing HTML Emails and Templates, with better support for advanced formatting of text, better image management and spell checking.
  • An enhanced Help System has been added, with better layout of the information, better search capabilities, and better screen images.
  • System Search capabilities have been enhanced, including the search of additional modules, a switch to control matching only at the beginning of fields or anywhere in fields, plus a search control within most module dashlets.
  • A new system backup has been added, which backs up both the installation directory and the MySQL database in a single zip file to the directory specified. On servers with Rsync support the large /cache directory will be backed up separately using Rsync, to another specified directory. A scheduler task now supports scheduled system backups.
  • A new Total Account History button on the History sub-panel of the Account detail view lets the user see all Account and related history merged into a single view.
  • A new check box has been added to each user’s Access Control screen, called Can See Product Costs. It controls if users can see product costs in the Quotes, Sales Orders and Invoices modules.
  • An Extended Price column has been added to the Quotes, Sales Orders and Invoices screens.
  • Two new check boxes have been added to the Company Information screen – Approve Booked Hours on Cases, and Approve Booked Hours on Projects. If they are not checked, users may book hours worked to a Case or Project Task and not have to get them approved before creating an Invoice.
  • The ability to assign one or more Categories to Contacts or Leads via Mass Update has been added.
  • System notification emails (such as “You have been assigned a new Lead”) may now be viewed and edited by the Administrator.

Pricing for info@hand is simple compared to other CRM products. info@hand is sold for a one-time customer fee of 185 Euros (about $255 US) per user, which includes specific software for mobile access (info@hand Mobile) and the info@hand Self-Service Portal with eStore (which provides clients with access to automated sales and service 24/7). Also included in the standard price are the info@hand Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook, and info@hand PBX software for integrating with Asterisk/Trixbox/Fonality/Skype/X-Lite IP telephony solutions.

An online demo of info@hand is available via their website. A 30-day free trial of the info@hand On Demand (subscription) service is also available. Customers may then decide to implement info@hand as On Premise software running on the customer’s own server or at their ISP, or as an On Demand service.

About 1CRM Corp.

1CRM Corp. specializes in software solutions that equip small- and medium-sized organizations with integrated online business information while improving their cost model and streamlining their internal business processes. The company’s flagship product, info@hand, is a web-based system that blends best-of-breed CRM with extended business management features for Accounting, ERP and eCommerce. info@hand provides “Instant Business Information, Anywhere” at every desk within an organization, or remotely via PC, Mac or handheld devices. The privately held company was founded in 1997 and is based in Ottawa, Canada.

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