Case Study: ALLOcloud

“1CRM allows us to better structure our business. As all customer-related information is stored in 1CRM, it allows anyone in the company to have a perfect understanding of where we stand with a customer and what needs to be done.”

Jacques Gripekoven
Managing Director

Business Objective

ALLOcloud offers an advanced service of hosted telephony. Founded in 2009 and based in Brussels-Belgium, their company offers its services all around Europe. Their major differentiator is that their cloud platform provides a very rich API, allowing Partners to integrate it with their own applications. ALLOcloud began using 1CRM right when the business was founded. To grow effectively, they needed a CRM that covered all areas of their business within one platform, and could be accessed from anywhere.

Partner: 3aCRM

Products used: 1CRM Enterprise, On-Premise 


  • Flexible
  • Scalable
  • Easy to customize
  • All-in-one CRM system

The Solution – 1CRM Enterprise Edition

The ALLOcloud team reviewed many CRM packages and 1CRM Enterprise Edition stood out as the perfect combination of features, price, and flexibility. Also, as an open source solution, their in-house web developers could make changes to the system – personalizing and expanding 1CRM to grow with their business.

Business Benefits

  • Provides anyone in the company with an instant 360 degree view of any customer
  • Consolidates five systems into one
  • Integrates easily with other products & services
  • Better business structure


ALLOcloud successfully implemented 1CRM throughout their sales and administrative staff, and customized it by adding custom fields and workflows. They are currently collaborating with 3aCRM (1CRM partner) to develop a link between 1CRM and their banking system, in order to reconcile customer payments. Since their initial implementation, they have hired over 20 staff members, and now serve 5000+ customers!

Secrets to Success

  • Organize your business: Having a disorganized business is like having a disorganized kitchen. You can’t find what you need, aren’t sure if it’s even there to find, and you’ll waste precious time looking for things day after day. It also makes collaboration a nightmare. How can you tell someone where to find something if you aren’t sure where it is either?

    By consistently entering all of their data into 1CRM, the staff at ALLOcloud can easily find anything they need with the click of a button. Keeping your business organized can also provide clarity into how sales are going, areas for improvement, and ways to better structure your business.

  • Take care of your customers: ALLOcloud didn’t go from 0 to 5000+ customers by ignoring them! By keeping all customer-related information in one place, they’re able to quickly get a snapshot of their relationship with any customer, and what the next step should be. This means if a customer calls in with an issue, they can quickly get up to speed and solve it – without having to ask the customer a flurry of questions. By demonstrating awareness of who they are and what they need, they show the customer they’re valued – increasing the likelihood that they will be loyal to ALLOcloud.
  • Integration: While cool new apps come to market constantly, harnessing them with your existing systems and infrastructure can be a serious barrier to increasing productivity. There is little benefit to data scattered across many apps and services: It’s difficult to quickly find the information you need, collaborate with someone, or compare data to look for trends. ALLOcloud used integrations to sync all of their data into 1CRM. That way, they kept using many apps and services, while benefitting from a centralized data system – providing key information at their fingertips.
  • Automation: Want to make your millions? Start automating your everyday business tasks. Manual data entry is an error-prone, time consuming process – and there’s a better way. ALLOcloud was able to grow quickly because their sales & marketing processes were automated by 1CRM – allowing them time to focus on upcoming opportunities and what their next move should be. Your challenge? Define your most common business tasks, and find a way to automate them when appropriate. You’ll improve accuracy, and have time to focus on the bigger picture.

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