Making Your Choice
You can buy a 1CRM On-Premise Software License or download the free 1CRM Startup Edition to run on your own server.
Or, you can simply subscribe to the 1CRM Cloud Service and have us take care of everything. Which one suits you best?

On-Premise Software

  • You Host
  • Manage your business from your very own server by choosing the 1CRM On Premise Software.
  • You may prefer to have your business-critical information on your own servers.
  • Unlimited Storage
  • 1-Unlimited Users
  • More work involved in having your own server, and someone with enough technical savvy to take care of it.
  • Lower subscription costs. Starting at $13/month vs $18 on the Cloud. See Pricing »
  • Option to purchase a Perpetual 1CRM License (One Time Payment/User)
  • Free 3 user Startup Edition may be installed On Premise.
  • Support & Updates Included (except in free edition or perpetual licenses)
  • Editions & Pricing

Cloud Service

  • We Host
  • Access a website that is created for you through the best-in-class hosting service Microsoft Azure Cloud.
  • Allows you to focus less on information technology, and more on growing your business.
  • 1 to 2.5 GB per user included – more available for purchase.
  • 1-Unlimited Users
  • Never have to install the software or maintain a server.
  • Backups of your software and data can be managed automatically by the 1CRM Cloud, and may be saved in the Cloud, in your Dropbox, or on any internet-connected server you designate.
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Virtual Machines have a 99.5% availability commitment. Anything less allows you to terminate your service.
  • The 1CRM Cloud service may be configured to reside in virtually any of the 30 regional data centres which collectively host the Azure cloud. Key data centre locations include: Canada (Quebec City, Toronto); USA (San Francisco, Chicago, Iowa, Virginia, Seattle, Wyoming, Texas); Japan (Tokyo, Osaka); Australia (NSW, Victoria); Singapore; Hong Kong; Brazil (Sao Paolo); UK (London, Cardiff); Ireland; The Netherlands; South Korea (Seoul, Busan).
  • All user sessions can be fully SSL encrypted, using a standard certificate. Learn more about Cloud security »
  • Support & Updates Included
  • Editions & Pricing