1CRM: Open & Customization Friendly CRM

At 1CRM Corp. we are committed to 1CRM being an open product. What does that mean? All our customers get the source code to 1CRM. This means you can make any changes you like to the system, and do not need to pay for expensive customization services from a restricted set of suppliers.

1CRM does not lock you in by holding your data hostage. Export it as a CSV. Take an SQL database backup.

If you need to copy your data to apply some specialized tool, or your needs change and you want to move your data to another solution, no problem. After all, it’s your data!

1CRM also has an extensive set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) which developers can use to integrate 1CRM with your existing systems.

Our comprehensive Developer Guide documents those APIs, and all the other tech details that developers will want in order to adapt, extend and enhance 1CRM in any way you need for your business.

1CRM uses technologies such as PHP, XML, CSS, and javascript, which means that you have literally millions of qualified developers to choose from!

Before calling in the developers, check out the customization tools included within 1CRM!

The fantastically flexible Studio and Module Designer tools let you configure your own fields and screen layouts, and even add all-new modules to the system.

Create custom layouts for your invoices, quotes, work orders, and more with the PDF Form Designer. Need your custom fields to be included in reporting, data import and export, change tracking, and data filtering? No problem!

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