1CRM 8.6 User Guide

Here is the latest 1CRM User Guide! This guide adds content on the latest enhancements to the 1CRM experience including support for the new 1CRM Customer Connection portal for WordPress, integrations with WooCommerce and Booking Calendar, a new Subscriptions module, new Commissions module, new Storage Utilization screen, Milestone Billing feature, CRM Usage Tracking, support for Two-Factor Authentication, Revenue Forecasts for Opportunities, Support for PHP 7.3, and a major revision to the Knowledge Base module. (318 pages)

1CRM Customer Connection Portal

1CRM 8.6 adds support for the separately priced 1CRM Customer Connection portal for WordPress. The portal plugin may be linked to any 1CRM Cloud or On Premise installation – Professional or Enterprise Edition only, version 8.6 or later.

New Commissions Module

1CRM now supports tracking commissions payable at either the Sales Order or Invoice stage. Commissions may be a percentage of the total sale, or gross profit, and commission splits amongst multiple employees are also supported.

New Subscriptions Module

1CRM adds a Subscriptions module which supports Plans, Addons and Options, plus Monthly, Annual or One-Time payments, stair-step pricing, and much more. The module links to a Chargebee subscription for customer billing.

Milestone Billing

1CRM adds Milestone Billing. Create a Sales Order, then invoice for an initial deposit. Perhaps generate some interim milestone invoices. Then create a final milestone invoice that clears the total value on the original Sales Order, clearly detailing milestone invoices.

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