1CRM Finance QB Guide

This is your complete guide to installing and implementing the integration between 1CRM and QuickBooks Desktop Edition. Note: It does not support QuickBooks Online! (26 pages)

QuickBooks Web Connector

This free, open source integration links from 1CRM to QuickBooks desktop Edition via the QuickBooks Web Connector (QBWC). It assumes you have your company file on an ‘always on’ Windows server.

Installation on your Windows Server

This guide covers the installation of QBWC on your Windows server, installing the open source 1CRM module, and the authorization process allowing QBWC to sync QuickBooks and 1CRM data 2-way.

Configure your 1CRM Finance Module

The guide steps you through the configuration process for 1CRM Finance – choosing 1-way or 2-way sync and direction, and which modules’ data to sync. Once setup, you’re ready for a trial sync!

Trial Syncs and Go Live

Now clone your 1CRM system and QB company file. Try a sync with these copies, and check the results. Correct any clients duplicated due to names spelled differently in the two systems. Rrepeat until sync is clean – then go live!

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