1CRM & Zapier Guide

This Guide describes how to setup your connection between 1CRM and various Accounting systems, using the Zapier connection service at Zapier.com. Initially, we have documented the steps to link 1CRM with the QuickBooks Online and Xero systems. (42 pages)

Get Integrated!

Zapier is the world leader in acting as an integration switchboard between over 2,000 different SaaS (Software as a Service, web-based) systems. We have built integrations with Zapier, and so have a number of Accounting systems.

QuickBooks Online and Xero

We have tested our integrations with two leading systems – QuickBooks Online and Xero, and we’ve documented in this guide how you can setup the Zapier integration with each of them.

Accounting System Integration

While many clients use the Sales and Purchase modules in 1CRM to accumulate Invoices, Purchase Orders, and Payments both in and out – then send summaries of those transactions to their accountant for posting – not everyone wants to follow this modern day version of shoebox accounting!

This guide is for clients wanting essentially real-time integration with an accounting system from their Sales-related modules in 1CRM.

2-Way Synchronization

Our integration provides you with a 2-way synchronization between 1CRM and the accounting system, covering invoices, incoming payments, accounts, and quotes (Xero does not support quotes in their Zapier integration).

If you’re excited to get these kinds of capabilities working for your organization, keep reading, or just drop us a line and we’ll demonstrate what it can do for you!

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