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Have you been looking for a CRM with GoToMeeting integration? You’re in luck because 1CRM includes integration with the GoToMeeting online meeting system. When scheduling a meeting in the CRM, just check a box to also schedule a GoToMeeting session. Invitation and reminder emails includes links to join the meeting.

Scheduling a GoToMeeting with 1CRM

When scheduling a new meeting, you have the option of checking a box Schedule GoToMeeting Meeting. If you check this box for a new meeting, and then Save the meeting, 1CRM will automatically schedule a GoToMeeting meeting at the same time, by communicating with the GoToMeeting service via their web API.

If you later on re-edit a meeting with an associated GoToMeeting, and uncheck the Schedule GoToMeeting Meeting box, and Save, 1CRM will automatically remove the meeting from the GoToMeeting service.

Note: In order to use this feature, you must first enter your GoToMeeting Login and Password credentials on the My Account page, in the Integration tab. (Or inherit credentials from the Admin -> Company Information GoToMeeting Integration settings if your My Account settings are blank.)

Note: When system reminder emails are sent for meetings, and when meeting invitation emails are sent, they will include the link to join the GoToMeeting session if any.

Joining a GoToMeeting Session with 1CRM

The Figure above shows the Meeting detail view. As described in the section about the Calendar module, when scheduling a new meeting you can check the box Schedule GoToMeeting Meeting, and automatically schedule a GoToMeeting meeting as you create the meeting in your 1CRM system.
Once you Save the Meeting in 1CRM, you can at any time join that GoToMeeting session by simply clicking on the GoToMeeting Join URL, as shown in the image below.

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