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Have you been looking for a CRM with Skype integration? You’re in luck because 1CRM includes Skype integration! Click on any phone number to place a SkypeOut call, with automatic logging of the call (and any notes you may care to make) to the customer history in the CRM.

1CRM also includes the ability to call any other system user with their Skype ID, from the 1CRM Company Directory or from their User detail view in Admin.

Making a SkypeOut Call with 1CRM:

When it comes time to make your call, you can simply click on the client’s phone number, and the system will pop up a window to log the call and any notes you want to make about it. Then, by default the system can use Skype to place the call right from your computer. Your system administrator has settings (Admin – System Locale Settings) that enable/disable call logging and SkypeOut calling, or select calling services other than Skype.

All Contacts, Leads and Users in 1CRM can have a Skype ID. Hovering over a Skype ID offers the option to start a Skype Call, Skype Chat or Skype Video Chat.

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