info@hand Version 7.0 Previews at SugarCON 2011

Vancouver, CANADA – (March 20, 2011)

1CRM Corp. has announced that version 7.0 of their flagship info@hand Customer Relationship & Business Management software will be available for preview at SugarCON. SugarCON 2011 takes place at The Palace Hotel, San Francisco, April 4-6, 2011.

SugarCON is focused on SugarCRM software, upon which info@hand was initially based. End-users and resellers attending SugarCON may preview the revolutionary capabilities of info@hand 7.0 by booking a preview session on any day of the conference (see contact information below).

info@hand 7.0, under development since November 2009, is the most significant info@hand release since the initial release in January 2005. Expected to be available for general release in November 2011, version 7.0 is a major re-architecture of the info@hand application.

Overall, advantages of the info@hand 7.0 release include:

  • A more capable and robust studio layout editor for module detail and edit views, provided within each module itself! This new studio layout editor improves info@hand’s ability to customize the more dynamic module screens such as those with panels or fields that pop in and out depending on user actions.
  • An enhanced user interface for designing and applying list view Search filters and tabs for custom layouts, providing a superb improvement in usability while reducing the screen footprint of previous filter panels. (See the multiple layout tabs in Accounts List view in the first figure below.)
  • Display more attractive field rendering in Edit & Detail views, with field type micro-icon visual cues, resulting in overall usability and cosmetic improvements.
  • Provide a more advanced architecture for third party developers that are building new modules. Modules may be created by making a set of definition files – one for each table definition, one for each layout (including listviews and filters), plus a generic listview config file and a generic module config file. Start by using the new developer documentation to copy an existing module template’s definition files, then adapt them to create your own module.
  • More comprehensive SugarCRM compatibility in the info@hand web services API.
  • A superior architecture for future mobile access solutions that will be faster, support essentially all modules, and require less development effort.
  • Simpler to code additional custom logic hooks.
  • Ensure that custom detail and edit view form layout changes defined in the Studio will persist after software upgrades with little or no attention from the system admin.
  • A more flexible Workflow engine that is more capable with custom fields.
  • Ensure that standard fields and custom fields are equally well supported for their use in Reports, as Search filters, as Mass Update fields, for Auditing, and for display as List View columns.
  • Use common code to increase performance and improve simplicity, consistency and reliability of the user experience. In info@hand 7.0, Reports share the list view Studio controls for filters and column layouts, and Workflow shares the Studio filter controls. Pop-up Select boxes also share the main list view code.


About info@hand

info@hand differs from conventional CRM products in that it offers key features that enable small and medium businesses to compete successfully with larger companies by capitalizing on their ability to communicate and react more quickly in response to client requests. For example, info@hand allows customer-facing personnel to create quotes or invoices quickly for clients, and then synchronize them later into the familiar QuickBooks accounting system for tracking by administrative staff – combining a quick response with a responsible audit trail.

Clients often choose info@hand if these issues are important to them:

  • They want a CRM that also includes high quality order management capabilities – product catalog, quotes, sales orders, invoices, received payment allocation, AR balances, POs, Bills, Outgoing payment allocation, AP balances, shipping/receiving, multi-warehouse inventory.
  • They want a free self-service portal and eStore, such as info@hand offers.
  • They need a comprehensive QuickBooks sync option.
  • They prefer info@hand’s low once-only license fee for On Premise Software Licenses.
  • They enjoy the speed and responsiveness of info@hand compared to other web-based CRMs.
    They are attracted to the best-in-class calendar and group calendaring capabilities within info@hand.

Pricing for info@hand is simple compared to other CRM products. info@hand software licenses are sold for a one-time fee of 210 Euros (about $285 US) per user, which includes specific software for mobile access (info@hand Mobile) and the info@hand Self-Service Portal with eStore (which provides clients with access to automated sales and service 24/7). Also included in the standard price are the info@hand Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook, and info@hand PBX software for integrated IP telephony solutions.

An online demo of info@hand is available via their website. A 30-day free trial of the info@hand Cloud-Hosted subscription service is also available. Customers may then decide to implement info@hand as an On Premise Software License running on the customer’s own server or at their ISP, or as a Cloud-Hosted service.

About 1CRM Corp.

1CRM Corp. specializes in software solutions that equip small- and medium-sized organizations with integrated online business information while improving their cost model and streamlining their internal business processes. The company’s flagship product, info@hand, is a web-based Customer Relationship & Business Management (CRBM) system that blends best-of-breed CRM with extended business management features for Accounting, ERP and eCommerce. info@hand provides “Instant Business Information, Anywhere” at every desk within an organization, or remotely via PC, Mac or handheld devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry. The privately held company was founded in 1997 and is based in Vancouver, Canada.


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