Magento CRM Integration

Magento, Inc. – An eBay Company

Magento is a remarkably popular eCommerce Platform and Web Store. An integration from Simple Web-Solutions synchronizes the Magento and 1CRM product catalogs, and transfers Magento orders to your CRM solution.

Magento eCommerce Integration for 1CRM, by Simple Web-Solutions GmbH

With this extension to 1CRM, you can connect your 1CRM system to this advanced eCommerce platform and use all the advantages of both systems. This integrated solution allows the management and maintenance of the data in both systems to be simplified.

With every new order in the web store, the associated customer data is created automatically in 1CRM, or the new order data will be assigned to an existing customer. This eliminates keying new customer data into your CRM, as well as re-keying order data from the web store to the CRM.

A further advantage is that the products in the catalog only have to be maintained in 1CRM and not in two systems. 1CRM automatically synchronizes its product catalog into the Magento system. Once you delete a product in 1CRM , it is automatically deactivated in Magento, so that the product can not be ordered. Using this integration you can increase the efficiency of your business significantly and take advantage of the productivity gains from both 1CRM and Magento in the most synergistic manner.

Features of the 1CRM to Magento Synchronization

  • Automatic synchronization of customer data, creating a new customer in 1CRM, if they do not exist already
  • Automatic synchronization of web store orders into the CRM
  • Synchronization of products, prices, stock quantities and images from the CRM into the web store
  • Configuration from the administration panel of 1CRM

Purchasing 1CRM Magento Integration

  •  US$995 once-time license.
  •  Annual support & updates US$250, mandatory in first year, and optional thereafter.
  •  Available by quote, or direct from Simple Web-Solutions GmbH.

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