Stripe CRM Integration

Revolutionizing the payment system, 1CRM accounts may now have a credit card registered on file for them, generating a Stripe ID for that Account. Recurring Services module can now automatically process payments via Stripe for each invoice generated – and yet no credit card data is stored in your CRM so PCI compliance is not required! Turn your 1CRM system into an automated Billing system today!

How to Charge a Credit Card

  • The Charge Credit Card button is used to immediately process a credit card payment for an Invoice.
  •  This button is only visible if you have previously configured account data for one of the supported Payment Gateways in the Company Information screen in Admin, such as Stripe or
  •  Clicking on this button brings up a Credit Card Payment screen with most of the information pre-filled.
  •  Add the payment amount, credit card number, expiry date month and year, plus the CVV2/CVC2/CID (for MasterCard and Visa, this is three digits to the right of the credit card number in the signature area on the back of the card; for Amex it is four digits printed on the right front of the card above the credit card number).
  •   Now enter the client first and last names and click on Submit Transaction.

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