The 5 Best CRM systems for SMEs (Translated from EFEXCON)

Online CRM systems show for years that there are plenty of reasons to be CRM in the cloud to operate.

Why online?

A key argument of course is that you can easily use the software without having to ever worry about the operation.

This is not only convenient but usually much cheaper than you can afford it with their own resources in-house.

Online systems enable a rule only configurational changes in the systems, so that although narrow limits of adjustments are set, but also low costs are ensured in change management.

What systems are there?

A complete overview will want to have much in the system which applies to software comparison platforms such G2Crowd (USA),Software Advice (USA), CRM Finder (Switzerland), CRM Matchmaker (Germany), SoftSelect (Germany) and some more a very broad overview.

However, the unfiltered feature comparison countless online CRM systems help not particularly wide in most cases. Especially in the middle class often lack the knowledge, capacity or time for comprehensive software comparisons and practical tests.On the whole, it can be assumed that the maturity level of CRM systems is consistently very high today. The focus of the individual systems, however, are geared entirely different part. Also different are in part the technical requirements for the licensing models or the suitability in Germany.

What should you look for?

A selection always mean that you must specify restrictive criteria. Possible criteria are, for example,
the first operating model : Cloud, SaaS operation-premise, mobile
. 2 license model : open source, commercial
third payment model : rented, bought
the fourth operating platform : Cloud, Windows, Unix, SharePoint, Mobile
. 5 languages : Monolingual , Multi Language
. 6 adaptation model : configuration, programming
. 7 support model : availability, languages, Online / Onsite
. 8 pricing model : free, cheap, no matter
. 9 Anbieterfiler : only top brands, popular systems, niche player

If the selection was filtered through this grid, the jungle thins already clear and can be functionally filtering typical KO criteria:
first Available Offline
. 2 Social Media Integration
. 3 Freely configurable
. 4 Marketing support
. 5 Customer Service Support

Note : No matter what function, integration or other feature out of the box stands on the advertising list, in practice helps only what is concrete and just like oneself that takes really available.
As a rule of thumb, you can assume that most of the standard features not are implemented, how even she needs, so even have simple CRM installations usually a matching share of 20-30% different from the standard.

Top 5 candidates – 1 for each operating model

Open Source : 1CRM or vTiger
See also:

Cloud : nimble CRM
Best social CRM . in the cloud in order to operate contact management and support “on all channels” and fully automated can
Nimble is compared to other CRM systems, not on reporting and documentation for management, but the interaction with contacts aligned.

Those looking for a classic CRM management with a focus on opportunities in the cloud should Zoho CRM view.

Office365: BPA CRM 365
Brand New Available for Office 365 and pioneered the first real CRM for Office 365 at all

SharePoint: BPA CRM
MS Dynamics CRM is comparable with the Swiss system BPA CRM, but at a much lower price.

-Premise: MS Dynamics
A classic CRM systems, the companies but some requests maturity and organization to exploit its potential.

see also the comparison between nimble and BPA CRM: Part 1: MGM Fight Night, Part 2: Back in the ring

Out of Competition

Salesforce and Hubspot we have taken out of consideration. Salesforce for SMEs is probably just a bit too much of everything.Who in the cloud after the most powerful CRM, Inbound and Social looking platform, which should all Salesforce and Salesforce cloud accurately.

Hubspot is an all-in-one inbound marketing machine equipped recently with a good CRM, but the licensing model is based on the number of contacts stored in the system and will quickly quite expensive, managed when the contacts are not really consistent and take. SMEs are usually not able to, but who the best integrated marketing and sales solution seeks, can not get away Hubspot.

Swiss Special: Out of Competition

A great cloud-based SME ERP can be found in the Swiss provider Easysys , especially for SME is the seamless integration of Swiss payment method, a convincing argument.

What speaks against online?

Who needs tight integrations with other systems that are not operated in the cloud, which may have an advantage to them to also run the CRM in your own data center.

Most of the other arguments that could be found even show up on closer inspection, rather than not really powerful.

The main argument for installations in-house so will probably remain for some time yet the buzzword CRM integration.

What is crucial for their own success?

In short, the selection of the system, it is only in very few cases. Especially with CRM, ERP or MRP systems rather chooses a good requirements management started on a project, a strict and professional change management in the course of the project and professional project management accompanying the project success or failure of a CRM project.

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