What’s New in 1CRM 8.0

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1CRM Mobile 1.3

1CRM Mobile for iOS features optimized mobile access to your critical CRM information. With Release 1.3 the App adds support for user control over sorting and filtering list views, as well as support for custom fields on 1CRM Mobile screens.

1CRM Mobile also adds integration with iOS Notifications for meeting, call and task reminders. As ever, data you enter with 1CRM Mobile is instantly visible in the 1CRM Web App – providing real-time collaboration with your colleagues!

Enhanced Customization

Advanced all-new self-documenting REST API (existing APIs will also remain in place) designed in conjunction with 3rd party app developers and our own Mobile client development, to promote easier development of 1CRM integrations, and faster performance. See more details in the Developer Guide.

PDF Form Designer & 1CRM Studio

PDF Form Designer can now reference fields in related modules, greatly increasing the scope of customizations available for 1CRM-generated PDFs.

The Studio now allows four new types of Custom Field to be created:

  • Related Record: Related Record fields link to records in other modules.
  • Value from Related Record: Custom fields which can show fields from any record related to the current record.
  • Item Number: Shown in a Courier-like font suitable for part numbers.
  • Status: For fields to be displayed as a status badge, not as text.

Lead Guerrilla Marketing Automation

Picture a black box that plugs into the wall. Plug it in, turn on the switch, and qualified leads with an interaction history are automatically added into your 1CRM system – day in and day out – while the system is running. You’ll also get charts and feedback on which messages clients respond to best, so that the ‘machine’ can just get more and more effective over time.

Lead Guerrilla is a control panel for your brand’s marketing efforts, organizing your website, social media, text and email communications into a single, intuitive Marketing Automation system.

Contact Management

Rate your Contacts by Points and Stages, and organize them into Segments. Contacts can have names or be anonymous IP addresses waiting to be identified.

Custom Dashboard

A highly informative and configurable system dashboard shows you anything you want to know about your marketing automation progress and success.

Landing Pages

Create Landing Pages and Stand-Alone Forms with high quality ready-made templates. Use the Builder tool to draw on Dynamic Content & file Assets. Include 15 types of variable fields!

Campaign Management

Campaigns include a visual drag ‘n drop Campaign Builder to design Campaign Workflow, including Contact Sources, Decisions, Conditions and Actions. Generate reports of your key analytics.

A/B Testing

In addition to sending customized and programmable email campaigns, the system also performs email address validation, as well as A/B testing for Landing Pages and Email Templates.

Social Monitoring

Social activity monitoring (Twitter) is included, and together with tracking website activity and email activity combine to influence lead scoring. You can also send automated Tweets, and SMS messages.

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Extended Workflow

For release 8.0, Workflow automation has been significantly enhanced to be both easier to configure, as well as more powerful in operation. Workflow conditions may be cascaded, or combined with All OfNone OfAny Of or Not All Of logic. The conditional filter editor now uses the same familiar style as filters in Reports and Smart List Tabs.

There are now ten different types of action that may be performed if the Workflow Conditions are met: Schedule a CallSend an EmailSchedule a MeetingCreate an OpportunityCreate a ProjectCreate a TaskUpdate Current RecordUpdate Related RecordCall Remote API, and Show Alert.

Performance Optimization

The addition of a configuration compiler has reduced both memory requirements and page load times, creating a faster system for all users. 1CRM also now supports PHP 7.x, keeping your 1CRM software platform modern and up-to-date, and delivering performance gains from 25-33%.

Enhanced Security

Support for OAuth authentication, private clients, and registry of 3rd-party public clients. All clients now have encrypted https:// connections available on 1CRM Cloud at no extra cost.

Stronger Passwords

Each user can now have a mandatory password change at their initial login, and a dynamic password strength indicator is now displayed when setting passwords.

Multiple login errors also now lockout user accounts for progressively longer periods. And a new login screen design now offers a Forgot My Password feature. Enhanced security for CRMSync with DAV-specific password.

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