What’s New in 1CRM 7.8

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Looking to spice up your CRM? Check out this new 1CRM theme, as created by our partner visual4 GmbH! Flex provides a brand new look for the 1CRM platform – including customizable backgrounds, flat design elements and updated screen layouts.

All in one business software platform
All in one business software platform

Enhanced Customization

Make 1CRM Your Own

Smart List Tab Preferences

Create personalized layouts for your Smart List Tabs within user preferences, to better suit your needs. Easily reorder or hide tabs, and make your favourite the default list view for quick access.

Ordering Subpanels

Organize your subpanels with the new drag-and-drop feature, or hide nonessential subpanels within user preferences to quickly access the data you need.

Updated Studio

Fields can be shown/hidden dependent on the value of a controlling Dropdown field, using the Custom Fields Editor, or the Module Designer for standard fields. Dropdown options offered to users can now also be limited.

Stripe Integration

Process Payments – Automatically

Revolutionizing the payment system, 1CRM accounts may now have a credit card registered on file for them, generating a Stripe ID for that Account. Recurring Services module can now automatically process payments via Stripe for each invoice generated – and yet no credit card data is stored in your CRM so PCI compliance is not required! Turn your 1CRM system into an automated Billing system today!

RingCentral Integration

Never Miss a Call

Dial calls from 1CRM in a single click

Call your leads and customers from within 1CRM simply by clicking on a phone number anywhere in the system.

Screen pop-ups for Incoming calls

Receive screen pop-ups for incoming calls to know who is calling you. With contextual access to the contacts’ history and detailed information from these pop-ups, you can be more prepared to take the call and ensure quality interactions.

Automatic call logging

Automatically log incoming and outgoing calls to client history with call time, date, duration and your notes.

Automated Call Timer

Because Your Time Matters

You can now keep track of booked hours & time spent on support cases by automatically timing your calls and logging the duration within your customer’s interaction history. Pair that with the new ability to book and bill hours spent on Calls, Meetings & Tasks to make sure you bill all your client hours every day!

Smart Convert

A More Efficient CRM

The Smart Convert feature saves time and reduces errors by copying data for matching custom fields when records are converted, such as a Quote to an Invoice, or a Lead to a Contact. Finally, it’s easy to include custom fields in these important system workflows.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Making Your Customers a Priority

Customer Service can make or break your business, and often businesses don’t receive enough feedback to know how they’re doing, or who shouldn’t be working for them.

To get some answers, this new feature can send a customer satisfaction survey to a customer when a service case is closed, or simply let them assign a Star Rating. And to speed the process along, we’ve also added configurable auto-closing of pending customer service cases.

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