1CRM vs. Zoho

1CRM is a highly customizable CRM built for comprehensive management of small-to-medium businesses. Its core strength is the integration of order management (quotes, invoices, product catalog, purchase orders, inventory tracking and more), customer service and project management within a unified CRM framework.

Zoho CRM is a sales and marketing CRM that offers the user reasonable functionality at a mid-high price point, Zoho also offers a teaser CRM called Bigin (free for a single user) that offers a taste of how a CRM can help your business before needing to sign up to Zoho’s real product. 3rd party add-ons can make Zoho a costly choice for those needing more than just the basics, with add-ons required for features such as project management and accounting.

1CRM's Main Advantages Over Zoho CRM:

All-in-One CRM

Get all the sales, marketing, order management, customer service and project management features you need within a single easy-to-manage CRM solution. Zoho CRM offers no project management and lacks key order management features.

Don't Cap Your Potential

Choose a CRM that wants to help accelerate your business, not place restrictions on it's day-to-day functions. Zoho has caps on monthly emails, customer fields, API calls, Lead Scoring Rules & more!

Affordable Training Solutions

Unlike Zoho, expect 1CRM implementation and training costs to be affordable and tailored to your needs, without paying $600 for a 90-minute training session!

WooCommerce Integration

Synchronise sales made within your ecommerce store with those made by your in-house sales team. 1CRM can automatically send your orders, customer information and payment information directly from WooCommerce to 1CRM.

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1CRM vs Zoho: The Ultimate Comparison

Comparison based on full feature packages 
(1CRM Cloud Enterprise vs. Zoho CRM Ultimate)

Per User Cost
(Billed Monthly)
Monthly / Annual Plans
Monthly, Annual & Perpetual
Monthly & Annual Only
Annual Cost (10 Users, Billed Annually
(10 Users, Billed Monthly)
Cost of Implementation
90-Minute Training Session
Sales Lifecycle of a Lead, Contact, Account
Opportunity Management
Advanced Order Management
Lacks Supplier Bills, Shipping/Receiving
Project Management
PDF Form Designer
Unlimited Monthly Emails
REST API Service
Limited by Subscription
Unlimited Free Back-Ups
Limited by Subscription
Unlimited Custom Fields
Limited by Subscription
WooCommerce Integration
Customer Service Management
Email Templates
Mass Email Campaign & Tracking
Target Lists & Automated Follow-ups
Standard & Custom Reports

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