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1CRM 8.6 comes with many new and exciting features! Integrations with your favourite services, WordPress Customer-Connection Portal, Subscription Management, Two-Factor Authentication, and more!

WordPress Portal

Subscriptions Module

WooCommerce Integration

Booking Calendar

New Integrations!

Two-Factor Authentication

PayPal Payment System

Storage Utilization Screen

Commissions Module

1CRM Customer Connection WordPress Portal

1CRM Customer Connection is a WordPress plugin that creates a customer self-service portal within your WordPress website, linked to your 1CRM system. It enables your clients to interact with your business at any time of day, all by themselves, on topics like Quotes, Invoices, Service Cases, Projects and more!


Subscriptions Module

A new Subscriptions module is added, allowing 1CRM to manage your client subscriptions for monthly or annual services. (Customer subscription self-management is available in the Customer Connection Portal.) This includes an integration with the Chargebee billing system.


WooCommerce Integration

WooCommerce is the most popular online shop system in the world, and 1CRM is an amazing CRM for businesses of all sizes. Get the best of both worlds with the new 1CRM-WooCommerce integration included free with 1CRM Enterprise Edition! The integration syncs client, invoice and payment data from WooCommerce online sales into the CRM. And syncs catalog data and order status 2-way between the CRM and the WooCommerce store.


Booking Calendar Integration

The Booking Calendar WordPress plugin adds a booking system to your website, and now integrates with 1CRM! Website visitors can schedule appointments, rent equipment or accommodations, and all data will be organized within 1CRM.

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New 1CRM Integrations!

1CRM now integrates with Zoom, PayPal, Microsoft Teams, Zapier, Integromat, Xero, QuickBooks Online and more! Check out our Integrations page to learn all about how you can expand your 1CRM system with our new integrations.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication has been added for the 1CRM user login, supporting popular 2FA phone apps such as Microsoft Authenticator and Google Authenticator.


PayPal Payment System

1CRM now integrates with PayPal to enable your clients to easily and securely pay their invoices. Using the PDF Form Designer in 1CRM Enterprise Edition, you can add a PayPal payment button to Invoice PDFs you send to clients, allowing them to pay using a credit card. And your clients accessing the Customer Connection portal can pay their bills there via PayPal as well.

PayPal Payment Popup Window
PayPal Payment Popup Window

Storage Utilization Screen

A new Storage Utilization screen is added, showing available or allocated storage, free space, and usage categories. Notifications may be sent for low free space, and regular storage utilization reports can be generated automatically.


Commissions Module & More!

A new Commissions module is added, allowing 1CRM to calculate and report on sales commissions based on percentages of gross profit or total sales. Aggregate commissions on a sale may be split across multiple sales staff.

A new User Tracking solution has also been added, with reports showing the time users spend in the system, and the number of records viewed or edited.

The new Milestone Billing feature allows you to easily collect initial deposits and intermediate milestone payments while delivering on an order – then generate the final milestone invoice with a single click.

A new Revenue Forecast feature allows the projected income from an opportunity to be modelled as an income stream rather than a single event, with revenue events optionally related to specific products. The value of the Opportunity may be calculated from those products, and they are added automatically when converting the Opportunity to a Quote.

Google Maps integration has been significantly upgraded, including the ability to display multiple selected Accounts, Leads or Contacts on a single shared map, with identifying pop-up data displayed for each.

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