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Xero is an increasingly popular choice for online accounting. The integration of business data is a serious and long-standing issue for small and mid-size businesses (SMBs). Typically, an SMB buys a CRM, an operations management system specific to their business model, an accounting system, and potentially a service management system. Add in their public web site, and a customer self-service portal, and the average SMB starts to feel like they are in the IT business, not their real business.

Yet, trying to buy an integrated system that covers all these bases, matches the specifics of your business model, and is still affordable, can often seem an impossible task. And even when such a system can be found, migrating to a fully integrated system from today’s multiple applications can be a difficult and risky process.

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1CRM simplifies this process with an integration to Xero, via the service at zapier.com. You can read more about the 1CRM integration with Zapier here. And read how to configure your 1CRM sync with Xero here. The key features of the integration include: 

Using the zapier.com integration we have provided, 1CRM will continually synchronize Accounts, Invoices, Received Payments and AR balances between 1CRM and Xero.

The synchronization happens essentially in real time – your accounting system data will now agree with your sales transactions from the CRM at all times!

1CRM 8.6.5 or later supports the synchronization to Xero via the zapier.com service.

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