What’s New in 1CRM 8.7

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1CRM Client App

An all-new 1CRM Client app is provided in the macOS and iOS/iPadOS app stores – a universal Apple app for all recent Apple devices. It also supports the Apple notification system and an option for scanning business cards.

PHP 8 Compatibility

Compatibility with PHP version 8. All our major open source libraries were updated as well, including TC/PDF, phpmailer, SabreDAV, and dozens more. This lets 1CRM benefit from the improved performance offered by PHP 8, and helps set the stage for the revolutionary 1CRM 9!

PHP 8 Supported
1CRM Outlook Extension

Outlook Add-In Option

One of the more important integrations for 1CRM is to integrate it with Outlook. For Outlook users this Add-in presents a new option for how to work between Outlook and 1CRM, allowing the user to perform more functions from within Outlook without going into the CRM as often.

Revenue Forecast

New feature allows the projected income from an opportunity to be modelled as an income stream rather than a single event. Opportunities may now also include specific Revenue Forecast data that details the products and quantities involved in a sales opportunity.

This data is used to generate new Revenue Forecast Tables and Product Forecast Tables. And when the Opportunity is converted to a Quote, the products and quantities from the Revenue Forecast are used to create line items on the Quote automatically.

Revenue Forecast Table
1CRM Accessibility

Accessibility Enhancements

Accessibility enhancements to 1CRM include keyboard-only navigation and screen reader support - key features for larger organizations and governments, but frankly something we should have not overlooked for so long.

Integrations Galore!

- Microsoft Teams and Zoom integrations added, to schedule web video meetings with a single click.

- Integromat integration added. Use Integromat to sync 1CRM data with a wide range of other cloud applications including accounting, project management, calendar and many other types of apps.

- Zapier integration is expanded to include financial objects such as Quotes, Invoices and Sales Orders. This enables integration with QuickBooks Online, Xero, FreshBooks New/Classic, OpenERP and Saasu.

- Enhancements to the WooCommerce integration.


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